Applications of Neural Networks in speech

Neural Network Applications
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In Volume 3, p. 90 to 104, of can be found a very brief discussion of neural network applications. I wrote this volume, circa 2005, as an effort to engage HS students in academic subjects. The thought was (is) that unless and until a person is genuinely and fully engaged in a subject. i.e., greatly enthusiastic, there will be little real learning. All else would be moot. Thus this volume to hopefully greatly stimulate interest in various subjects (not all of which are academic).

One such subject is that of neural networks, those computer programs that take on a small fraction of the brain’s functions. One of those applications discussed in the Volume 3 is that of medical diagnosis. Around 1989 an idea occurred to me that since NN have a fulsome capability of generalization, memory and learning, why not app;y those capabilities to medical diagnosis? The idea here is to teach the NN network the indices of a disorder. That is, if the medical profession could (and this is the big “if”) assign a given “marker” for a given disorder then a diagnostician could be created. To wit, given a large group of people with a given disorder, sample a vial of their blood in terms of its constituent parts (albumin, iron, etc., etc.). There are about 70 of these constituent parts. Thus a given group would have their unique pattern (profile). This is called the “Stimulus”. For that stimulus there is assigned a “response”, i.e., a given disorder. Thus we have a stimulus-response pair for Group A. There could be 100, 200 or however many disorders the medical people prescribe, each group having its own unique stimulus-response pair. This data set can now be applied to the NN which in turn learns (memories) each of these 100-200 stimulus-response pairs (patterns, profiles).

Source: Edward Atkins

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