Artificial Neural Networks and Evolutionary Algorithms

Neuroevolution: Building and/or Training Artificial Neural Networks with the Power of Evolution
Means of Artificial Neural Springer just launched a new journal called Evolutionary Intelligence. The first issue is freely available on-line, and it contains a nice review article on neuroevolution, which is the term for approaches to building and/or training artificial neural networks, which are networks of computing elements (usually simulated on a computer) that are inspired by biological neurons. The paper is called Neuroevolution: from architectures to learning by Dario Floreano, Peter Dürr, and Claudio Mattiussi.
This is my area of research (I'm currently using evolutionary algorithms and artificial neural networks to model aspects of the neocortex), so I was happy to see this paper in the inaugural issue of the journal. In 1999, Xin Yao wrote what is probably still the most comprehensive review of the subject, in a paper called Evolving artificial neural networks.
This new paper classifies such approaches along slightly different lines and includes some more recent approaches, so it's a nice companion paper to Yao's.
By way of brief review, an evolutionary algorithm is an optimization method

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