Artificial Neural Networks for Power Systems

Face Recognition with Neural Networks
This paper provides a brief introduction to neural networks and the task of face recognition with ANNs. It’s based on “Machine Learning”, written by Tom M. Mitchell and some resources of the World Wide Web.
ee chapter “References” for more informations.
The aim of this paper is not to give a detailed introduction to neural networks, because there are many good books and online resources doing a great job in this. Just use Google do find some resources.
After a very brief introduction to gradient descent, backpropagation and neural networks I will show, how to design a neural network to recognize faces. The data set (the images) can be found here: the source
code here:
1. Backpropagation and Gradient Descent
In the paper „Introduction“ we have developed a learner to learn the task of playing Tic Tac Toe.We have used a linear combination of weights and features to represent the learning task and have used the LMS update rule to adjust the weights. With the LMS update rule we have minimized the error between the output and the target output. The LMS update rule is a stochastic gradient descent. This linear

Source: Mind The Gap

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