Clustering algorithm Neural Networks

Clustering Analysis Concepts
(j) 4 clusters obtained by Jain et al. (1999) defined clustering analysis as the organization of a collection of patterns into clusters based on similarity. This definition is ambiguous, and clarity can be attained by defining clusters and similarity.

Definition of a Cluster

Jain and Dubes (1988) listed some cluster definitions, used for different application purposes:

  1. Focusing on minimizing intra-cluster distances, a cluster is a set of similar objects, and objects in different clusters should not be similar.
  2. Focusing on both minimizing intra-cluster distances while maximizing between-cluster distances, a cluster is a set of points which are aggregated in the testing environment such that the distance between two points in a cluster is less than the distance between the points of other clusters.
  3. Using a graph-representation and maximizing cluster density, clusters are densely connected regions in a multi-dimensional space separated by loosely connected points.
One may note that these definitions do not have mutually exclusive goals.

Two Features of Clustering Analysis

Cluster analysis is an unsupervised non-predictive classification

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