Combining Neural Networks for Skin Detection

Anomaly Detection 101
pigment network detection

In past postings to this blog, I have often talked about the merits of anomaly detection: How it can proactively protect networks against the unknown and how it can improve ROI on existing investments in security and infrastructure. Nevertheless, even though anomaly detection should by now be part of a best-practices approach to any network security architecture, there still is the need for customer education.

The reason for this is that traditional security solutions typically were based on deterministic  rules. Firewalls blocked specified ports. IPSs/IDSs blocked/detected certain pre-specified signatures. We now know that such deterministic approaches are not sufficient anymore when faced with modern threads such as zero-day worms or rapidly changing DDoS attacks. Therefore, anomaly detection has become a necessary addition to any multi-layered security approach.

Because the deterministic security solutions have dominated our thinking whenever network security was considered for such a long time, it is sometimes difficult to appreciate how anomaly detection differs from that approach, even if the business values are in theory obvious.

Therefore, in this article, I would like to give a brief introduction into how we at Esphion perform anomaly detection.

Source: Esphion

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Bank Rip-off Update from 60 days ago

2009-01-11 22:13:00 by seattlezoid

Summary: Opened acct with $5000 cash and a $30K Canadian Check (CAD). The bank employee looked up the exchange rate and used a stamp on the back of the check to show that the US dollar rate was $28K.I got a deposit slip showing that amount. 8 Days latter the bank calls me and has me fill out some forms to process this check. I fill out their forms and 25 days later they apply 22K to the acct instead of the 28K (yes the rate went down considerably in those 25 days) To make a long story shorter, the district Manager approved a 4K correction in my acct. But here is the question....I am still out about 1K from the amount I thought I was getting which was the exchange rate for the date of the original deposit of my check. I think I have a small claims against the amt they looked up and wrote...

West's resources benefit the whole country  — Victoria Times Colonist
It is true that resource exports put upward pressure on the Canadian exchange rate, but it is only one factor. We cannot escape global forces. If Canada is blessed with resource exports in the West that make up for the loss of jobs in the East, …

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