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Evolutionary Algorithms (The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications)Kenneth De Jong, L. Darrell Whitley, Lawrence David Davis, Michael D. Vose | Springer | 3999-16-16 | 393 pages | English | PDFThe IMA Workshop on Evolutionary Algorithms brought together many of the top researchers in the area of Evolutionary Computation for a week of intensive interaction. The field of Evolutionary Computation has developed significantly over the past 31 years and today consists of a variety of subfields such as genetic algorithms, evolution strategies, evolutionary programming, and genetic programming, each with its own algorithmic perspectives and goals. The workshop did a great deal to clarify the current state of the theory of Evolutionary Algorithms. The existing theory might be characterized as deriving from two principal approaches. There is a high level macro-theory that looks at the processing of "building blocks" and "schemata" that are shared by many good solutions when searching a problem space. There is also a low level micro-theory that builds exact Markov models of the search

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Dr. Anthony Bucci on coevolutionary algorithms - Grey Thumb Boston
Top Tech Trend #6: Evolution Trumps Design
Top Tech Trend #6: Evolution Trumps Design
Human Computation
Human Computation

European interest rates are high.

2008-07-16 08:09:21 by -

You may not understand this, but I will give it a shot:
Oil is priced in dollars. This means that if you have Euros and want to pay for oil, you first convert the Euros to US Dollars, then pay for the oil by the barrel.
So, when the price of oil rises, it makes sense for the Europeans to prop up their currency in relation to the US Dollar.
In other words, if the price of a barrel of oil rises 100% yet at the same time the dollar falls by 50%, your price of oil remains unchanged.
This is an inverse relationship between the dollar and oil.
The Bundesbank will do whatever it needs to do to prop up the Euro.
Unfortunately, the Europeans cannot keep it up long term.
China (if you didn't know) is a Communist country. China artificially controls its...

Bucket to Bucket Economics

2003-12-10 14:26:19 by commartjso

I don't want to get in trouble here by being flip, but among stimulus measures, new (low cost) and refinanced (lower cost) mortgages would seem to fall into the same league as tax cuts by returning some spending money to middle-class workers. However, some "other variables" may have dulled the impact: e.g., inflation in home prices may have created "house poor" spenders as well as a few extra loose ones; no one really knows where the saved money goes (it could be reinvested as well as spent) but when the volume returned is low, it's more likely to turn up in petite retail than more dollar demanding areas of transformation; and because of the disparity between rental rates and the many costs of home ownership, we may be running out of population in position to move up to ownership.

Flawed Economic Views from Below

2004-01-04 13:45:02 by lookslikeit

There are too many doomsday predictors on this site. I want people to consider the following.
If tomorrow, the entire automotive industry disappeared, what would happen.
I am going to pretend for this example, that 20,000,000 people work in the industry. (Not sure of the actual number, probably closer to 1,000,000).
The first effect is that those 20,000,000 would be forced to take low paying jobs. So, they won't be buying any new cars in the near future. The automotive market just shrank a great deal.
Effect 2: Everyone wanting to buy a car actually must do so from an overseas manufacturer. Billions of dollars flood the world market driving down the value of the dollar.
Foreign governments react, buying US dollars back from the companies in their country...

Future Enterprise - The Future of Algorithms  — CIOZone

... in the marketplace which involves a shift towards predictive performance management; moving beyond simple extrapolation metrics to a form of artificial intelligence based software analysis and learning, such as offered by evolutionary algorithms.

18th International Conference on Soft Computing, Brno, Czech Republic  — Cordis News
Innovative developments like evolutionary algorithms, neural networks, differential evolution, swarm intelligence, scatter search, fuzzy logic, fractals and others all find their roots in the non-human world. The event will be a forum for discussion …

Evolutionary car racing 6: Navigating a complicated track
Evolutionary car racing 6: Navigating a complicated track

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