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Can i use Paypal as forex medium?
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Question by anoy21: can i use Paypal as forex medium?
i noticed PayPal has a Currency Converter. is it OK if i use it as a Forex medium? i just dont have the time to do online trading.

what are the pros and cons?

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Answer by First Place Turtle
That’s interesting. I haven’t heard of using Paypal as a way to “trade forex”. There’s probably a good reason why it’s not popular, likely because of two things (which you should look into):

1. Paypal probably charges higher transaction fees than the commission charged by forex brokers.
2. Paypal might not offer competitive exchange rates. In other words, they might have a higher spread (difference between bid and ask) than most forex brokers.

Bottom line…I suspect Paypal is not a viable option to trade forex because it’s too expensive in terms of transaction costs.

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Dlr up vs euro on euro zone fears; aussie, kiwi

2009-12-10 09:07:50 by 1CorporateBitch

The dollar gained against the euro on Thursday as a focus on problems in the euro zone increased some safe-haven demand for the greenback, overshadowing a narrower-than-expected U.S. trade deficit for October and some improvement in U.S. jobless claims.
The dollar had fallen against the euro for the second straight day earlier in the New York session after the U.S. data, but the gains in the euro were swept away amid ongoing concerns over the fiscal health of Greece and Spain
Standard & Poor's cut Spain's credit outlook to negative on Wednesday, a day after Fitch downgraded Greece's credit rating, sparking concerns about sovereign debt.
The Australian and New Zealand dollars both rose on growing expectations of higher interest rates.
"Increased sovereign risk...

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Most folks here don't get the concept

2008-10-28 16:38:43 by ---

Of margin calls, forced deleveraging, and the effects of redemptions of the hedge funds.
The effects of a slowing economy don't cause price plunges like this, across all asset classes, nor does it cause extreme volatility in forex markets.
They're trying to make sense of the present environment as though this data exists in a macro-state as we've known it all our lives.
But in truth, today's environment is nothing like business as usual, from a macro-perspective.
Anyone who suggests they know what the trends are in any asset class right now is likely full of shit.
The one exception to all of this is unfortunately the US Treasury market, which is an unburst bubble, and looking very vulnerable.
Which is very unfortunate.

Since everybody loves Prosper reading material

2008-09-11 11:18:55 by grativo

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Japan had three bubbles...

2008-06-23 16:21:58 by (-_-)

The property bubble, where nearly anyone qualified for a 45-year mortgage.
The stock bubble, where investors worldwide were convinced that the Nikkei was going into the six-digit range.
The yen bubble, where forex investors worldwide thought the yen was undervalued, even at 1.1¢.
They went *pop* *pop* *pop* in rapid succession. Domestic properties lost over half their value — but didn’t lose the monthly payments. All those foreign (mostly U.S.) properties bought in strong yen suddenly had their monthly payments go up by 10% or more. Nobody wanted to put their money into the Japanese stock market, so venture capital fell. There was no excess of housing, so...

State Street, Arkansas to discuss settling FX case  — Reuters
The bank's forex business is also the subject of government investigations, including by the US Department of Justice, the US Department of Labor and the US Securities and Exchange Commission, State Street has disclosed. "State Street has so many guns …

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