Neural Network software and Hardware

Neural Networks 7/28/2009
I am currently in ST. Louis at a NEUCO user conference. NEUCO is a company that supplies neural network software and hardware that uses Learning Artificial Intelligence to provide performance improvements to power plant performance. The conference was set up to inform users about the different software enhancements that are currently available, and to see them in operation at a Power Plant. The NEUCO suite of performance solutions include, Combustion Opt, Performance Opt, Sootblower Opt, and Maintenance Opt.
Neural Networks sit on top of a Distributed Control System (DCS) and tunes the realtime data inputs from the electricity generating unit to improve unit performance. The nuts and bolts of the system works like this. Data from the DCS is retrieved by the neural network and the neural network trims (applies biases) to the data to push it above or below a predetermined value. The biases implemented by the neural network provides for better mixing of the fuel and air to the boiler thus improving the combustion

Source: Managing in the Future

Delmar Cengage Learning Computer Networking for LANs to WANs: Hardware, Software and Security (Networking (Course Technology))
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  • Coverage of all major network operating systems (Windows, UNIX/Linux, Mac OS X, and NetWare).
  • Readers will obtain practical networking knowledge that will be useful in everyday computing activities.

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Super year for science  — Brisbane Times
As well as neural networks, which approximate the way the human brain works, and genetic algorithms, which mimic the process of evolution in the natural world, the software might include as-yet-uninvented methods. Some of these might enable hitherto ...

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