Neural Networks in Adaptive Control

Special issue: "Adaptive and Advanced Control Systems"
Reunions Party, June 1, 2006 International Journal of Advanced Mechatronic Systems 4(3/4) 2012
Expanded versions of papers from the 2011 International Conference on Advanced Mechatronic Systems (ICAMechS 2011).
  • Adaptive control of MI-MO systems with input saturations
  • Design of a multiple linear models-based PID controller
  • Performance-driven adaptive output feedback control system with a PFC designed via FRIT approach
  • Exponential stability analysis for the switched stochastic Hopfield neural networks with time-varying delays
  • A novel adaptive controller in switched reluctance generator system
  • Comparative investigation on the dynamic behaviours of SRD operated under PI control strategies
  • Photovoltaic module temperature prediction with Gaussian process
  • High precision adaptive control for piezo-actuated stage

Source: Inderscience news

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