Neural Networks in Classification of vector

BUCScie Financial Computing
Technical Session # 7 : Neural Network and Brain Modeling

August 10, 2011

BUCScie Financial Computing

Beresford A. Davidson, FSE, Business Intelligence Analyst

“Banks and financial management are aggressively seeking to improve their analytic ‘a priori’ computing resolve. They are also recruiting more science and engineering Doctor of Philosophy minds to complement decision support in quantitative technologies, ” said Florizel Barker, my dead classmate of 1964. Clifford my other decease classmate and best friend was standing behind looking over his shoulder. Both boys were steering past me on my computer screen as I try to do my work, as a technical communications expert for Infocus Systems, a gas water and electric computing company in Edison New Jersey where I was employed for the last five years to this date of 1995.

For about ten seconds I completely forgot both boys died tragically in Kingston, Jamaica. Florizel was stabbed to death outside his parents home, late one evening while watering their garden in the mid 60s, by a spurned daughter of a good neighbour. We nicknamed her ‘Mother Buck-Buck, ’ in school due to her unusually large forehead and academic brilliance and Clifford, who is known to me as BUCScie the “duppy, ” which means a living ghost in Jamaican parlance, was

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FDA Approves First Retinal Implant  — Annenberg TV News
The Argus II will be housed in the USC Institute of Biomedical Therapeutics, which has been endowed with $60 million to bring together expert scientists and clinicians to study neural networks. These researchers will focus on those impacted by brain ...

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