Neural networks in design and manufacturing

Project G: The Prostate Cancer Risk Stratification (ProCaRS) Database Project – Impact of Androgen Ablation and Radiation Dose
Prof.Takefuji's Home Page


Dr. George Rodrigues, Clinician Scientist at London Health Sciences Center,
Associate Professor at the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Western University


London Regional Cancer Program, London

Research Plan:

The Genitourinary Radiation Oncologists of Canada (GUROC) published a consensus-based three-group (i.e. low-, intermediate-, and high-risk) risk stratification system for the management of prostate cancer in 2001. Since the publication of this consensus statement, an expanding literature on classical and novel prognostic factors, risk stratification schema, and other pre- or post-treatment models have been published. In 2009, the GUROC commissioned a critical review of the evidence related to novel prognostic factor and stratification approaches prior to final discussions regarding any alteration of the GUROC risk stratification scheme. This review affirmed that the existing GUROC classification system should be modified utilizing an evidence-based consensus approach, consistent with common treatment management practices, coherent with the current classification system, and employing available statistically robust prognostic factors. Specifically, the assessment of sev eral specific changes to the stratification system were recommended including: the creation of a very low-risk category, division of the intermediate-risk into two distinct groups, reassessment of the interface between intermediate- and high-risk, and the integration of novel prognostic factors (positive core percentage, Gleason 3+4 vs. 4+3) into the stratification system.

Source: Oncology Research and Methods Training Program

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