Neural Networks in High Frequency Trading

Tips for developing the best High frequency trading (HFT) system.
High Frequency Trading 1) When developing your HFT system , make sure you have an order execution engine that mirrors how the market acts , which will help you test/debug your platform/strategy in your own computer. The 'test mode' that usually supplied by the exchanges is not a replacement for that. Remember that your main interest is to preform all unit testing in your own environment , before you even start testing on the server side. Any Developer knows that its a big headache to debug on remote server , especially when the far server do not have a debugging environment. For eg: Think about a situation when you are testing remotely in the server and you get a crash , which caused because your system cannot deal with the low latency - Now , your immediate response will be to put some prints and find where is the bug that cause the crash - but if you put some prints you suspend the system , and the bug will not be there anymore - Now , how can you solve this problem remotely ?
2) Latency is the most important issue in HFT , That's why your code needs to be tight, fast and rock solid stable. Having an Algo crash and being caught with shares when the market moves against you is not very profitable . Well-written code runs fast, whereas poorly written code runs slow. Furthermore,

Source: Caapi Technologies Blog

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