Neural Networks in the Human Brain

Technology’s Impact on Brain Utilization: Trojan Horse of The Tech Revolution

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Technology can be defined as using peripherals and new techniques to enhance the day-to-day life of people. In today’s context, there are numerous peripherals and techniques that have uplifted the human lifestyle. From the tiny nano particle to the humongous skyscrapers are evident as examples of this technological rising. At present, the advancement of technology has created a very user friendly surrounding around us.  Everything we seek for is a mere fingertip away.

Are we loosing Touch?

With this massive boost in technology, a lot of discussion is depicted in the areas of how these advances has affected on the human independence. On a present day context, we should,   alarmingly admit that we are very dependent on technology and have so much reliance on tiny gadgets labeled with catchy phrases such as automation, smart, sophistication, intelligent and etc… while we thrive forward very proudly boast of  the fact that we are very well supported with numerous “gadgemetics”

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Elsevier Science Creating Coordination in the Cerebellum, Volume 148 (Progress in Brain Research)
Book (Elsevier Science)

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These Temporary Tats Could Let You Move Objects With Your Mind  — Betabeat
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Cambridge University Press Enchanted Looms: Conscious Networks in Brains and Computers
Book (Cambridge University Press)
Building Brains: The Molecular Logic of Neural Circuits
Building Brains: The Molecular Logic of Neural Circuits
Recovering from Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Consciousness, The Brain & Human Potential
Recovering from Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Consciousness, The Brain & Human Potential
Firing Neurons | Cell Dance 2010, Public Outreach Video Winner
Firing Neurons | Cell Dance 2010, Public Outreach Video Winner
Oxford University Press, USA Neural Networks and Brain Function
Book (Oxford University Press, USA)

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