Neural Networks Java Implementation

Skinny gurl on Kate Upton
A Java Neural Network

A blogger that goes by the name Skinny gurl has lately been targeted for criticism by the mainstream media, and her site was subjected to a distributed denial of service attack (DDOS) by the hacker group Anonymous.  The mainstream media have managed to get rape and death threats sent the way of Skinny gurl.

The criticism stems from Skinny gurl comparing Kate Upton to a cow, “confidently lumbering up the runway like there’s a buffet at the end of it, ” describing her as a “little piggie” with “huge thighs, NO waist, big fat floppy boobs, terrible body definition.”

Skinny gurl is a slender woman in her early twenties who managed to land a few fashion modeling gigs years ago, which are unlikely to have been in the big league given her height of 5-foot-7.  She now works in the fashion industry, and is apparently an insignificant part of it.  Her site, skinny gossip, is not pro-anorexia, but a discussion group for women who prefer to be slender.

Skinny gurl’s description of Kate Upton is not unlike the treatment many celebrities get for their looks and behaviors by random people, and should have been seen for the insignificant posting it was.  So why the ruckus over the matter?

The intention on the part of the mainstream media is easily inferred.  The reaction to Skinny gurl’s posting is described as:

Source: Feminine beauty

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