Neural Networks Using MATLAB 6.0 Diamond

Why I use VIM
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Vim is a different breed of editor. Even though it has a steeper learning curve, I’ll show you how its possible to fall in love with your text editor.

Vi and its newer and improved version – Vim – piss many people off. Most are confused, disgruntled, angry, frustrated when they first open vim and start hitting keys and crazy things start happening. You have to press “i” to start typing!? ! How am I going to remember which mode I’m in!? ! And most new users who are used to using “normal” editors tend to want to stay in Insert Mode, seeing how the arrow keys work the same way they do in other editors, and try to avoid using Command Mode.

This is the completely wrong way to use vim. You are always in Command Mode, only leaving to perform short actions in insert and then pressing to go back into Command Mode (I remap to Caps Lock to easier / faster reach). Moving around a file is incredible easy and fast. I’ll link to a series of videos that show how to use vim and unleash some its incredibley powerful productive capabilities.In this next part Ill show you some really nifty things you can do easily with vim.

The Dot Operator

The dot operator (.) is a deceptively powerful command. It will repeat your last command, or string of commands. So lets look at a common example. Lets say I just created three new functions in my header file and now I have to implement them in another file. So I copy and paste and I have to remove the semicolon, add { } brackets, and put a space in between each function. With a normal editor, this would be a tedious task especially if I had more than 3 funcitons. With vim, you only have to do it once.

Source: Patrick Koperwas

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