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  1. Implementation of GMSK modem using Matlab
  2. Implementation of OFDM with variable data sets using Matlab GUI
  3. Multiuser Detection in DS-CDMA using MMSE approach
  4. DTMF detection using Goertzel algorithm with Matlab GUI
  5. Implementation Cellular Is-95 standard in CDMA systems
  6. Higher Order SVD for dynamic texture analysis in video
  7. Adaptive Bilateral filter for sharpness enhancement and noise removal
  8. Blind self authentication of images for robust watermarking using IWT
  9. Comparision and improvement of wavelet based image fusion
  10. Weighted Adaptive Lifting based wavelet transform for image coding
  11. A spatial Median Filter for noise removal
  12. Contourlet based image watermarking using optimum detector in noisy environment
  13. Wavelet based palm print authentication system
  14. A CMOS image sensor with focal plane SPIHT image compression
  15. A visual information encryption scheme based on visual cryptography using DH method
  16. Low power variable block size motion estimation using pixel truncation
  17. Expansion embedding techniques for Reversible watermarking
  18. Steganography using BPCS to the IWT image
  19. Reconstruction of under water image by bi-spectrum

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The mind is NOT a nonphysical entity
The mind is NOT a nonphysical entity


2012-03-24 11:15:27 by cheaters_get_fucked!

Shortly after going public on Friday, shares of BATS were halted, after a series of technical glitches and system errors that affected trading in Apple and other companies. Several hours later, BATS pulled its public offering, a rare move for a company.
The exchange has also been clouded by an ongoing S.E.C. inquiry into its technology systems and trading strategies. BATS disclosed in a February regulatory filing that it had recently received a "written request" from the S.E.C.’s enforcement division, which was seeking documents and information about its ties to "certain market participants." The agency is examining the relationship between the exchange and high-frequency trading firms.

Federal securities regulators are examining whether some sophisticated, rapid-fire...

Online broker service (which is best??)

2006-03-24 19:15:44 by craigborcherding

I'm looking for feedback from anyone who is especially happy (or unhappy) with their online broker service (i.e. e-trade, etc...)
I'm trying to determine what would be best for someone looking to invest approx. $10K and won't be trading everyday (and thus won't use any of the premium heavy trading online platforms).
I'm looking at e-trade, scottrade, and ameriquest and from the looks of it scottrade seems the best by far?
any oppinions or firsthand feedback much appreciated.

Criminal cheaters fuck themselves in the ass!

2012-03-26 12:59:45 by HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Serves you right, fuckers!

The initial public offering of a computerized stock exchange turned into a major debacle on Friday as a software glitch sent its shares plunging to a fraction of a cent in a matter of seconds, leading it to scotch the IPO.
On Thursday night, BATS had priced the sale of 6.3 million of its shares at $16 apiece, for a total offering of over $100 million. But when shares started trading on Friday morning on its own exchange, they instantly plunged and trading was halted.
Within nine-tenths of a second from that opening, BATS stock had fallen to about 28 cents, according to Nanex, a stock-market data tracker. Within 1.5 seconds, the price bottomed at...

High frequency cheaters

2012-03-23 10:09:40 by -

Federal securities regulators are examining whether some sophisticated, rapid-fire trading firms have used their close links to computerized stock exchanges to gain an unfair advantage over other investors, people familiar with the matter say.
The wide-ranging probe, being handled by the enforcement staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission, is focusing on the computer-driven trading platforms of exchanges, including BATS Global Markets Inc., the people said.
The SEC probe illustrates a bigger push by regulators to examine less-transparent parts of the securities markets, such as the fast-growing area of so-called high-frequency trading. High-speed trading firms use powerful computer systems for rapid-fire trades, in which they often hold stocks for only fractions of...

The SEC already has determined

2009-07-07 07:38:18 by Lapis_Philosophus

That they will do nothing about automated trading platforms. They have no interest in regulating them whatsoever
The Securities and Exchange Commission believes institutional money managers are “sophisticated” enough to trade against the machines without further regulation.
“We don’t want to curtail liquidity,” said Gene Gohlke, associate director for the SEC. Gohlke said it’s up to the managers themselves to make sure other traders aren’t manipulating their models.

Colorectal cancer screening: an interview with Dr Donato F. Altomare  —
... in patients compared with normal controls. This means that these 15 VOCs are present in different concentrations in the two groups. A sophisticated statistical analysis (probabilistic neural network analysis) is the best method to analyze this ...

Elsevier Detection and classification of gaseous sulfur compounds by solid electrolyte cyclic voltammetry of cermet sensor array [An article from: Analytica Chimica Acta]
Book (Elsevier)

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