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technical indicators that Once upon a time there was a network security analyst slash NSM engineer who, like any sane person, ran full packet capture, IDS/IPS, session capture, and passive fingerprinting inline at the ingress/egress of his home network. His setup was most similar to diagram two in IDS/IPS Placement on Home Network.

This security analyst was casually going about his business one day when he opened the basement door of his house and found a tennis ball wedged between the door frame and the storm door. “That’s odd!” he thought. “Who would do that? ”

After removing the tennis ball, he thought, “Well, this storm door is really loud when it closes those last few inches. Maybe someone did it to quietly enter or exit the house.” It just so happens that the daughter of said analyst was in high school and her bedroom was down the hall from the basement door. He promptly entered her room and took a quick look around. Lo and behold, the screen from her window was under her bed and the window itself was unlocked. Since this room was on the ground floor, the analyst immediately had some good ideas about what was happening with the window and the basement door. Someone was sneaking in or out of the house!

The analyst confronted his teenage daughter when she got home from school and received denial after denial about any possible wrongdoing. The denials did not sound sincere.

Source: Eating Security

McGraw-Hill The Encyclopedia Of Technical Market Indicators, Second Edition
Book (McGraw-Hill)

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Part 2 of Third Reich Syndrome

2005-04-29 19:45:05 by armchair

Weimar Germany, despite the Versailles sanctions, comprised the second-largest industrial base on earth. In certain critical fields, such as chemistry, physics, and metallurgy, it led the world. By the early-twentieth century standards of industrial development - the production of coal, steel, or industrial chemicals - Germany was either first in the world or second behind the United States. No other country had as many Nobel Prize-winning scientists as Germany.
A summary indication of Iraq's military/industrial potential may be gleaned from the following passage: ". . . Iraq's real gross domestic product (GDP)—that is, its GDP adjusted for inflation—fell by 75 percent from 1991 to 1999. In the late 1990s the country's real GDP was estimated at about what it was in the 1940s,...

Why The Housing Bubble Won't Burst

2006-05-15 08:28:14 by Let-the-BH-venom-spew

Why The Housing Bubble Won't Burst
Veteran analyst Michael Youngblood explains his unusually optimistic take on the real estate market
Type the words "falling housing prices" into Google and more than 8 million citations pop up. Michael Youngblood's name won't be among them. Despite all the fear that single-family home prices will decline, the managing director of asset-backed securities research at Friedman Billings Ramsey & Co. in Arlington, Va., thinks residential real estate is a lot stronger than most people suspect. He bases this assessment on a new economic model he created that forecasts housing prices in 379 metropolitan statistical areas. Associate Editor Toddi Gutner spoke with Youngblood about his upbeat view and his surprising prediction that the greatest...


2001-06-10 15:07:20 by worsenotover

Recession: Faith Vs. Facts
By Anirvan Banerji
Special to
Originally posted at 1:23 PM ET 5/30/01 on
Eight months ago, recession had already become a real danger ( Call it the Oil Recession ), but I thought it could be averted if interest rates came down quickly enough.
Six months later, even with Fed action, the Economic Cycle Research Institute's array of leading indices had worsened to an extent never seen except before a recession, and I finally forecast one ( An Unavoidable Collision ). Since then, in the face of a rising popular conviction that we had avoided a recession, evidence of a recession has mounted.
In essence, it's been a battle between faith in the Fed on the one hand and the facts on the other, and faith...

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Using his broader observations of the economy to define disciplines, Kee has been able to accurately predict market cycles in advance using his multi-tiered technical indicators, and that combination has kept him ahead of the curve since starting Stock …

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By John Nyaradi All the talk this week has been about Europe, Greece and the potential for global destruction that a Greek exit from the Euro might precipitate. Certainly the news is scary as the potential for a cascading financial crisis that could …

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by Robert Colby of Both stocks and commodities have demonstrated trend weakness in recent weeks, while US Treasury Notes and Bonds demonstrated trend strength. Investors have been choosing safety over risk.

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Trading explained - Effective technical indicators

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Positive divergences in some technical indicators suggest rally potential that is largely unexpected, prompting selective new buying in health care stocks and profit taking in a popular inverse ETF. Global sentiment for stocks early Monday was almost …

Technically, this market according to my technical indicators, show the NYMEX CRUDE OIL futures in a SUPER-TREND down. This is a term I have coined when the 9 day SIMPLE MOVING AVERAGE, in this case, crosses under the 20 day SIMPLE MOVING AVERAGE …

Some of my Favorite technical indicators
Some of my Favorite technical indicators

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