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SQL SERVER – A Puzzle – Fun with NULL – Fix Error 8117

During my 8 years of career, I have been involved in many interviews. Quite often, I act as the  interview. If I am the interviewer, I ask many questions – from easy questions to difficult ones. When I am the interviewee, I frequently get an opportunity to ask the interviewer some questions back. Regardless of the my capacity in attending the interview, I always make it a point to ask the interviewer at least one question.

What is NULL?

It’s always fun to ask this question during interviews, because in every interview, I get a different answer. NULL is often confused with false, absence of value or infinite value. Honestly, NULL is a very interesting subject as it bases its behavior in server settings. There are a few properties of NULL that are universal, but the knowledge about these properties is not known in a universal sense.

Let us run this simple puzzle. Run the following T-SQL script:


Source: SQL Server Journey with SQL Authority

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Do it...

2010-03-09 08:31:08 by flynntech

I wouldn't hide the parts in the trunk though...
see if they will do 'lay away' or try to get up the money upfront.
I'd take the rotors too, I second the semi-metallic thing...that is all I use.
Everything you are doing will improve the braking...the bushings, the shocks, converting to disc...etc. If you have good tires, it should stop very well.
I think I spent about $20 total on my line bending/flaring/cutting tools, they aren't the greatest quality, but when used with care, they will work perfectly fine.
I've been told 'how hard' it is to flare brake lines and none of mine have had any leaks or other problems. The best tip I can give anyone is to not go too crazy duplicating the factory lines...just make them fit and clear moving parts and all will...

Welcome to the deep end...

2006-05-18 11:09:00 by tsgeisel

There are no life guards on duty.
You ran into two distinct issues:
1) If you did a search of the forum for "biodiesel" you might have found something - or you might have found that you wouldn't have gotten useful information.
2) This place has a number of classic car enthusiasts, who tend to look at the whole machine, rather than just the shell, when they talk about "classic" cars. It's not just the outside that does it for them. To take a "classic" shell and rip out the engine and replace it with a biodiesel engine is like suggesting that you tear down all but the part of your house that faces the street, and put a one-room shack behind the facade, in order to save on heating costs. Sure, you're saving money in one regard, but is it worth it?
Anyway, good luck...

Converting LPs to Cds

2005-03-31 11:28:03 by teacherlady

I am trying to convert my lp's to cd's.
I have my 25 year old turn table, Sony, seems to be in decent shape.
A preamp, "Recoton, model SP-2" -- but no documentation.
Nero software: Media Player and Wave Editor.
I cannot get rid of a loud hum, though by carefully dangling wires "just so" I can minimize the hum. When I use Nero's software to remove noise, the music ends up sounding like it was played on a child's xylophone.
Any suggestions for software that can remove the hum without too much clipping (and for not too much money)? Or for hardware that will remove the hum?
When I googled "Converting LPs to Cds" and "hum", the suggestions seemed to point to grounding problems. There is only one grounded outlet available, and I have tried plugging...

No, actually, the government will likely make

2009-04-09 09:58:21 by crazee_unchained

Money because unlike the Obama "stimulus",
which is a give and throwing money down a hole,
the TARP requires WFC to pay 5% on the TARP money for the next 5 years
and then 9% perpetually after that until they pay it off
Since a bank generally can't make more than 9% lending out and it can borrow in other ways at much less than 9% (and less than 5)
WFC will be paying that money back at some point
and the government will likely end up making money on the deal
unlike the Obama "stimulus" which just throws money away.
I am not a supporter of the TARP. But in the case of WFC, the TARP investment will likely make money unless the Obama administration changes it.
That doesn't mean it is right. But that is reality.
Obama's team doesn't...

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Converting viewers to advertisers, and traffic into
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Converting Virtual Money To Real Money With CPA Offers
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MONEY is being DE-valued by converting into ?

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