Dynamic recurrent Neural Networks

Universally manipulable body models—dual quaternion representations in layered and dynamic MMCs
Dynamic Recurrent Neural Networks

The main article on the neural network approach for a body model is now in press in Autonomous Robots:

Surprisingly complex tasks can be solved using a behaviour-based, reactive control system, i.e., a system that operates without an explicit internal representation of the environment and the own body. Nevertheless, application of internal representations has gained interest in recent years because such internal representations can be used to solve problems of perception and motor control (sensor fusion, inverse modeling) and may in addition be applied to higher cognitive functions as are the ability to plan ahead. To endow such a system with the ability to find new behavioural solutions to a given problem in a broad range of possibilities, the internal representation must be universally manipulable, i.e. the model should be able to simulate all movements that are physically possible for the body given. Using recurrent neural networks, models showing this faculty have been proposed being based on the principle of mean of multiple computation (MMC). The extension of this approach to three dimensions requires the introduction of a joint angle representation which allows for computation of mean values. Here we use dual quaternions that are singularity-free and unambiguous which allow for shortest path interpolation. In addition, it has been shown that dual quaternions are the most efficient and most compact form for representing rigid transformations. The model can easily be adapted to bodies of arbitrary geometries. The extended MMC net introduced in this article represents a holistic system that can—following the principle of pattern completion—likewise be used as an inverse model, a forward model, for sensor fusion or other, related capabilities.

Source: malte schilling's scientific home

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Moody's Downgrades Italian Banks

2012-05-22 08:37:14 by YT01STL-A

Moody's Downgrades Italian Banks

Moody's Investors Service kicked off its long-awaited downgrades of European and global banks by docking the credit ratings of 26 Italian lenders, a move that could ratchet up the continent's banking woes at a critical time for the currency union.
The downgrades, which cite the banks' vulnerability to mounting loan defaults and potential funding problems, were expected, but they nonetheless add to concerns by making it more expensive for the banks to finance themselves via the capital markets.
The ratings for Italian banks are now among the lowest within advanced European countries, reflecting these banks' susceptibility to the adverse operating.

Wake up America!!!

2012-05-01 20:35:59 by DermalDeviant

This is my response to a question I read elsewhere about the possibility of American media being dishonest/misleading or would
they /could they ever feed us propaganda or censor vital news in a modern technological age, where communication over great distances is nearly instant and video cameras are everywhere.. I
Well to answer that question, the fact is that the mainstream media here today is PRIMARILY fed propaganda and distraction. It has been this way for nearly a century.
To understand this thoroughly you must look at this story like most, from the beginning. In 1913 The Federal Reserve Act was passed (google it, the story is insane!). The passing of the (unconstitutional) Federal Reserve Act meant that the US Government will forfeit all rights to coin (or...

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Elsevier A compensation-based recurrent fuzzy neural network for dynamic system identification [An article from: European Journal of Operational Research]
Book (Elsevier)
Unknown recurrent neural network analysis and dynamic properties of integrated
Book (Unknown)

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