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Fill in the information needed With the accessibility of the internet, more and more aspiring money makers join the chaotic world of online trading.  There is a growing number of people who have signed up for foreign exchange trading account in order to start their trading venture right away. It is true that the Forex market can be lucrative but [...]Learn How To Trade Through Forex Demo Account is a post from: Forex::Online Forex Related posts:
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Free Forex Demo Account | Currency Trading Software System

I've been trading the Forex and going well

2007-02-14 16:19:45 by WyomingPop

I traded options for years, but knew nothing about the Forex. Been very good for 4 months, no down months and an average earning per month that exceeds yearly earning anywhere else, bank etc.
You can even sign up for a free trial of the system and a demo account with play money to see for yourself at Really cool.

Forex Info

2005-09-28 13:03:58 by HomeBusinessExpert

You can begin trading on the FOREX with as little as $250.00, called a "Mini Account".
You can trade a "margin" amount, generally about $50, that leverages between 100-200 times your actual $50.00. So, you'll be controlling about $5000-10,000 of currency.
It's much better to trade in this market than the stock exchanges because it can't be manipulated by insider trading, and has a consistency in its trends. A little homework on the internet can show you charts for currency pairings dating back years. Do some "paper trading" first with a demo account that you can download from many brokerage firms' websites.
Good luck with it, but remember, don't get greedy.

Take a look at FXCM Micro Accounts

2011-10-08 11:46:37 by Nulliusinverba

You could open a Micro account with FXCM

I am not associated with FXCM or any company, the minimum is $50 and each tick will be 10 cents. You can open a free Demo account and use everything they provide while you learn. I can help you too, but I do not trade Forex, the principles are the same, trading is trading.
Take a look here:

You don't have to buy anything, there are lots of free resources.
Try it (Demo as long as you can to prove your strategy), if you don't like it then move on. It really has potential, it takes time and you will make mistakes but we all do it. FXCM is one of the larger brokers which I would trust.


2005-09-27 20:54:15 by FXCurrencyTrader

I am trading Forex, from the computer at my home. I am making several thousand a week, but I am only trading one lot. Several friends who have more money than I are trading more lots, and are making way more money than I.
It is good for me, and I am building my account, and when I have more money, I will trade more lots.
It is not something you can just go and do, you have to learn about it, or you will waste your time and your money.
I studied for about six weeks, and during that time, I practiced on a demo account.
I took live classes online, and they were great. You can take them as many times as you like. I paid $2000 for the beginners and advanced classes, but you can start with $995 for the beginners class. I figured it is less than I would spend for a...

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Traders who sign up for the 30 day Forex demo account also receive a free copy of Vantage FX's MetaTrader 4 User Guide eBook to help get them started. Vantage FX's exclusive Expert Advisor Test Lab allows traders to assess two Expert Advisors every …

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Opening a Forex demo account
Opening a Forex demo account
Forex Demo Account - Forex Practice Account - Get A Forex Demo Account
Forex Demo Account - Forex Practice Account - Get A Forex Demo Account
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eToro _ Forex Trading (Forex Demo Account) - Forex Trading for Beginners

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