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Forex Fundamentals – Week Ending 2nd June
Forex Technical Analysis


This week sees little change in the European side of the market.  In fact, the trend could be considered to be continuing down.  Inflation has eased in the euro-zone, but the continuing economic struggle means that this is unlikely to be a long-term thing.  A second set of earthquakes in Italy adds to the troubles faced by the country.

In the USA, the number of jobless claims has jumped, and the GDP has been revised down to 1.9%.   This bleak news can be expected to have a high impact on the markets, making the dollar a less attractive investment.

Growth has been seen in the UK – the housing market has showed a small increase, which is enough to tempt risk-averse buyers back to the GBP, especially in light of the continued struggles in Europe, and the greenback’s troubles.

The Yen is experiencing a sell-off as the unstable situation in Europe in particular has caused it to rise.  Investors, unsure what to do , are selling off Japanese stocks.  It’s likely that this behaviour will continue while we wait for news on whether or not Greece will be exiting the Euro.

Swiss stocks also took a hit this week.  The perception is that the Swiss are playing hardball with politicians and with the ECB. If their stance doesn’t change, then this could have a big impact on the value of the CHF.

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