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Developing the volume of knowledge necessary to do well in the Forex trading market can be a pretty tough challenge for the forex novice. Trading foreign currency can be a very profitable occupation, but if you don’t have a substantial level of experience in this area it can be highly difficult to make profitable trades. If you want to trade fx for an income you have a few of ways of doing so – use a forex robot (an automatic program that trades for you according to pre-arranged settings) or do it all yourself, (manual currency trading). A lot people start off initially trading personally and then move to an automatic system (there are lots available) at a later date, though some stick with it long term. An automatic trading system ideally works for people who may lack the experience to confidently trade profitably, or those who don’t have the time to constantly monitor the currency markets.

Advantages of using a Automated Forex System

Many people lose money by trading emotionally. Online forex traders often try and get a feel for the state of the market and guess as to future shifts instead of interpreting the necessary data and studying shift patterns carefully. This is where automated systems become extremely useful. Forex Robots never act on impulse and decide on transactions based solely on data, reducing the likelihood of human error. Automated Forex Trading systems are programmed to make choices based purely on the information they get. The decision making technology used by these pieces of software analyse a large amount of data regularly, even putting together information for valuable long-term trends. The software system will make premeditated trades founded on investigation of the information gathered, choosing transactions which are most likely to achieve profitable results.

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I don't think so

2007-10-30 20:52:41 by NDXtrader

Buffet is an excellent investor and from what I've heard makes about 30% a year. Some traders make well over 100% per year. I know that FXCM, a forex broaker runs a trading contest every month and last month's winner made over 500% in one month.

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cross currencies that are traded in the fx market
cross currencies that are traded in the fx market
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