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Applications of neural networks to speech recognition Apologies for crossposting
-------------------- CALL FOR PAPERS -----------------
The 3rd IEEE International Workshop of Smart Communication Protocols and Algorithms (SCPA 2013)
June 9-13, 2013, Budapest, HUNGARY
In conjunction with IEEE ICC 2013
Selected papers will be invited to the Special Issue on Smart Protocols and Algorithms of the International Journal Network Protocols and Algorithms (ISSN 1943-3581) or to the Special Issue on Recent Patents on Telecommunications Journal ((Online)ISSN 2211-7415, (Print) ISSN 2211-7407)
Communication protocols and algorithms are needed to communicate network devices and exchange data between them. The appearance of new technologies usually comes with a protocol procedure and communication rules that allows data communication while taking profit of this new technology. Recent advances in hardware and communication mediums allow proposing new rules, conventions and data structures which could be used by network devices to communicate across the network. Moreover, devices with higher processing capacity let us include more complex algorithms that can be used by the network device to enhance the communication procedure.
Smart communication protocols and algorithms make use of several methods

Source: Theory Announcements

Ieee International Conference on Neural Networks 1988 [2 Vols]
Book (IEEE)

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Moving away from the US ollar. This article from 2000 gives some insight...

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NJIT professor Alexander Haimovich named IEEE Fellow  — EurekAlert
A pioneer in the field of signal processing in adaptive arrays and multiple sensor radar, NJIT Professor Alexander Haimovich has been named an IEEE Fellow. His work has contributed greatly to the advancement and application of electrical engineering ...

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