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So, what’s the technology behind Feeds 2.0 personalization engine ?

A lot of people ask us about the technology on which Feeds 2.0 powerful personalization engine is based. Even though Feeds 2.0 personalization algorithms are proprietrary and patentable, we believe that we can indeed elaborate on the principles of our algorithms since, after all, they represent state of the art techniques in information retrieval and machine learning.

Feeds 2.0 personalization engine is based on the principle of text categorization. Text categorization is the process of classifying documents to one or more existent categories according to the concepts present in their texts. The organization of text in categories allows the user to limit the target of a search submitted to an information retrieval system (e.g. a search engine), to explore the collection of documents, and to find relevant information to their needs without any prior knowledge about the various keywords describing topics.

You can think of the process of personalizing individual posts coming from various feed sources as a text categorization task. In this case there are just two categories: Interesting and not-interesting groups of posts. For each individual user, Feeds 2.0 assigns new posts into one of his/her interesting or not-interesting groups.

The text categorization task can in general be utilized by machine learning algorithms or computational intelligence techniques. These algorithms can be for example artificial neural networks (feedfroward networks or Self-organizing Maps (SOM) ) or more traditional machine learning algorithms like for example C4.5 decision trees, PART decision rules and Naive Bayes or Markov classifiers.

Source: Feeds 2.0

Elsevier Regression neural network for error correction in foreign exchange forecasting and trading [An article from: Computers and Operations Research]
Book (Elsevier)

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2005-10-27 12:24:20 by FXCurrencyTrader

I would be happy to, but someone asked me that before, and when I answered, it was flagged. I am not sure, but I think that stock traders don't like Forex trading.
I am not sure why that is. The Forex market is much bigger, and it is recession proof. There will always be banks and businesses trading money. Chrysler, last year, made more money trading Forex than they did selling vehicles. This market is also less risky, with enormous liquidity, and no slippage. Forex has low transaction costs, much higher leverage, and low account minimums.
I just think you need to know what you are doing, and for most of us, it takes education. I didn't go and work in a hospital until I went to nursing school, and prepared myself. I wouldn't risk my money until I learned how to trade it....


2005-09-27 20:54:15 by FXCurrencyTrader

I am trading Forex, from the computer at my home. I am making several thousand a week, but I am only trading one lot. Several friends who have more money than I are trading more lots, and are making way more money than I.
It is good for me, and I am building my account, and when I have more money, I will trade more lots.
It is not something you can just go and do, you have to learn about it, or you will waste your time and your money.
I studied for about six weeks, and during that time, I practiced on a demo account.
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Jack, thanks for introducing yourself!

2005-11-24 10:44:55 by DaySurfer

Hi Jack,
I am one of those rare people who LOVE lawyers (I was a legal assistant for YEARS in my 20s and also worked in word-processing when I was putting myself through design school).
You're right about the stress, though. Lawyers work lots of hours and (especially in a firm) are expected to pretty much give up their lives for several years.
Sounds like you have a LOT of other projects, though.
That's awesome.
I love sea kayaking. Used to go once in awhile in Seattle. And skiing (although I switched to snowboarding when I moved to Montana and don't think I'll go back to 2 sticks again!).
Day trading (I do Day Surfing) is fun. Do you trade Forex? I'm learning that right now.
Have a GREAT winter.

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