Neural Networks based Face Detection

Evolutionary computation and AI engineering
Face Detection Given a black-box system and a set of inputs, if one can express the system's functional goal(s) based on a measure of its outputs, i.e. Goals(Measure(Outputs(Inputs))), then evolutionary computation can grow the system's structure towards a mechanism capable of reaching the desired goal(s) (exactly to what extent evolution can build such a system, and under what conditions, is still a hot research topic). In other words, evolutionary computation seems to act as a universal behavioral to structural specification converter.
What does this mean to AI engineering?
  • first, at a strictly engineering level, using the evolutionary computation principles would allow designing an AI system by mixing structural and behavioral specifications. In this way one would eliminate the need for evolution to find a structure for those building blocks for which a structural specification has been designed, while resorting to evolutionary algorithms only in those cases when finding a structure is elusive.
  • second, pursuing a mixed structural-behavioral modeling essentially means that no more than a

Source: The AI Project

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Brokerage Account

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I am not sure why that is. The Forex market is much bigger, and it is recession proof. There will always be banks and businesses trading money. Chrysler, last year, made more money trading Forex than they did selling vehicles. This market is also less risky, with enormous liquidity, and no slippage. Forex has low transaction costs, much higher leverage, and low account minimums.
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Jack, thanks for introducing yourself!

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Hi Jack,
I am one of those rare people who LOVE lawyers (I was a legal assistant for YEARS in my 20s and also worked in word-processing when I was putting myself through design school).
You're right about the stress, though. Lawyers work lots of hours and (especially in a firm) are expected to pretty much give up their lives for several years.
Sounds like you have a LOT of other projects, though.
That's awesome.
I love sea kayaking. Used to go once in awhile in Seattle. And skiing (although I switched to snowboarding when I moved to Montana and don't think I'll go back to 2 sticks again!).
Day trading (I do Day Surfing) is fun. Do you trade Forex? I'm learning that right now.
Have a GREAT winter.

Stephen Hawking's Voice: New Technology May Help Physicist Talk Faster …  — Huffington Post
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Hauser eyes great future for Cambridge  — Business Weekly
But to meet the ever growing demand for computing power, Dr Hauser believes that advanced parallel processing techniques and neural networks will provide the answer. He said: There is no doubt that mobile devices will become more powerful, smarter ...

Ball Collector using NeuroEvolution
Ball Collector using NeuroEvolution
Neural Net Mobile Robot Controller - Attempt 1
Neural Net Mobile Robot Controller - Attempt 1
Evolving a straight-arm controller.
Evolving a straight-arm controller.

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