Neural Networks of attention

Do YOU have Nature-Deficit Disorder?

Have you ever wondered if the rise of video games and time spent on the couch during childhood is fueling our nationwide epidemic of attention-deficit disorder and behavior problems?

“The woods were my Ritalin. Nature calmed me,focused me,and yet excited my senses.”- Richard Louv

Louv discusses in his book,“Last Child in the Woods”,the importance of play and experience outdoors during the developmental stages of early life. Try to remember your favorite place as a child. Was it the tree in your backyard or the lake you visited with your grandfather?My special place was under a tree near the small creek that ran through the woods behind my childhood home. There I felt like a could breathe and think clearly,and it belonged entirely to me. This feeling should be something every child experiences.

Early humans were apart of the First Frontier where nearly every facet of life depended on nature: food,shelter,and entertainment. The Second Frontier existed early in the past century when children admired explorers of the wilderness,and the interest in creating and visiting state parks was high. Now America’s children are being raised in the Third Frontier,or the era of electronic detachment. The attraction of television and video games has lured children away from interaction with nature and outdoor play. The experience of pretend play outside away from the “Adult World” is essential for a feeling of confidence and independence,as well as connecting neural networks necessary for attention and focus. Parents once could easily encourage their kids to explore as long as they wanted outside,whether in the city or country,but now outdoors is shrinking everywhere and safety is a growing issue. Outdoor play has shrunk to the neighborhood cul-de-sac,and the instantly entertaining video games and TV shows have made a game of basketball seem unappealing. A fourth grader from San Diego was quoted as saying he “likes to play indoors,‘cus that’s where all the electrical outlets are.” Maybe we should consider this overwhelming new problem an issue with Nature-Deficit,instead of Attention-Deficit.

Source: Back to Our Roots

Springer Models of Neural Networks IV: Early Vision and Attention (Physics of Neural Networks)
Book (Springer)

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Interview: LBP and Attention Deficit Disorder
Interview: LBP and Attention Deficit Disorder

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p10 TimothyTrespas: targeted individual testimony (mind control gang stalking microwave weapons) p10
Smile - Just One Thing
Smile - Just One Thing
Springer Models of Neural Networks IV: Early Vision and Attention
Book (Springer)

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