Neural Networks Practical


I was working on my Neural Networks practical today,trying to create a neural network that would correctly identify an image of a handwritten digit. One part of the practical asked me to construct some features of an image and train a neural network on these features. Creating these features is somewhat of an artform and usually requires lots of domain knowledge,experience en creativity. But the lecture notes also contained a few slides about something called an autoencoder,which is apparently able to discover features by itself. There is an article from Science magazine online where somebody has used such an autoencoder to compress a 28×28 image to a feature of only thirty numbers.

The basic idea is shown in the figure on the right. An image is given to a neural network with 2000 hidden nodes and 1000 output nodes. The output of these nodes is then given to a neural network wit only 500 output nodes,etc.,etc. At the end of encoding,we end up with 50 values. These 50 values can be decoded by putting it into a mirrored (in terms of architecture) version of the encoder. If all goes well,the decoder ends up with something equal (or very similar) to the input image.

Source: Martijn Onderwater

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