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Various company in India are having their development plans, all together they can? t manage to have such big add up to use, so they really are calling individuals to participate in their businesses and get gain out of that in kind of dividend, stock split, bonus share etc. Most shares are traded on exchanges, which are areas where buyers and sellers meet and decide on a value. Some trades are physical places where orders are performed on a trading floor. The intent behind a stock market is to facilitate the exchange of securities between buyers and sellers, reducing the risks of investing.


1. When a company want to expand, it concerns stocks to raise funds and pay for continuing organization activities.
2. It is popular because:
I. The organization does not need to pay the money
II. Paying dividends is optional
? ? Dividends are distributions of earnings paid to stockholders


1. A stock is a tradable security that a firm troubles to certify that the stockholder owns a share of the firm.
2. A share represents an investor&#039s ownership in a &quotshare&quot of the profits, deficits, and possessions of a company. It’s made

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Alas, the real hard work is...

2006-02-23 11:10:58 by KimbizBack

... sewing mail sacks in the prison shop after you've faked the books to make your stock options worth something.
And if the idea of rough prison sex appeals, you're much better off finding it on your own at the Power Exchange (or similar) and going home to your soft bed and unsupervised shower.
Besides, the hard part is telling the software what to do. Sadly, we haven't gotten to the Star Trek level where you can just say, "Computer, fix it so this quarter's profit is up 2.8%"

3 from Comverse facing fraud charges on options

2012-02-12 12:11:55 by 58andfixed

August 10, 2006
Julie Creswell
Michael J. de la Merced contributed from New York
John Files from Washington
3 from Comverse facing fraud charges on options - Business - International Herald Tribune

The former chief executive, Jacob Alexander, who had built Comverse into a $1 billion leader in the communications software market, did not appear in court and is believed to have fled to Germany or Israel, according to a person briefed on the investigation.
A warrant was issued for his arrest.
Alexander is highly regarded in Israel, where he once owned a stake in a Tel Aviv professional basketball team and where Comverse has extensive business operations.
In late July, he wired $57 million to an account in Israel,...

Whoa. huge design news.

2005-04-18 12:07:05 by dogblog

Adobe in Deal to Acquire Macromedia
Adobe Systems, maker of one of the most popular software tools to create and read digital documents, today said it had agreed to buy Internet software firm Macromedia in an all-stock deal valued at $3.4 billion.
The merged company will be in a better position to meet growing demand for creating and viewing digital material — including photos, documents and animation — on everything from desktop computers to cell phones, officials said.
San Jose-based Adobe is perhaps best known for its Acrobat and Acrobat Reader software that creates portable document files, or PDFs, that can be shared across a variety of computer systems. San Francisco-based Macromedia makes the popular Internet design program DreamWeaver and Flash, widely used to...

Could BATS give IPO to a rival exchange?  — Kansas City Star
Instead, BATS botched its effort in March to launch trading in its own shares on its own stock exchange. Software problems disrupted the trading in BATS' shares and forced the company to withdraw its stock offering. It has not said when it might again …

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