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Ghosted Publics and Unacknowledged Collectivities
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[Excerpted from (and somewhat buried in) "On Not Performing: the third enclosure and fractal neofeudal fantasies" and developing ideas from this earlier piece]

… Another possible series of responses to the third enclosure and fractal neofeudalism might be found in what I call "ghosted publics" and "unacknowledged collectivity". These refuse, rout around, rather than court or demand, systemic recognition and alignments (not that I am against recognition when it seems strategically valuable). I will suggest that ghosted publics and unacknowledged collectivity evade forms of "in-fact-never-the-recognition-that-was-promised", predicated on the now multiple systems of performance and audits and so on. Subsequently, a ghosted public or unacknowledged collective might unfold collective life differently, working toward affirming the "more than given", re-enabling a freer production of subjectivity.

"Ghosted publics" are acts of community—often media-assisted—that are simultaneously in and not in the public sphere (see also Murphie 2008b). They are translucent ‘figures’ of direct relationality and immediate communing that by-pass certified public acts, or regulated "communications" of performance recognised by established powers. From the point of view of established systems they are both present and absent, precisely because, although they are real, they do not fit, or even desire or struggle to obtain, standard forms of recognition. This makes them hard to see. They nevertheless haunt and trouble both mainstream media events (early amateur radio is a great example but so is a reading group, or more famously, in a complicated way, Wikileaks). They also haunt mainstream, publicly "certified" models of, and controls over thinking processes, affective intensities, and the production of subjectivity. Like ghosts that one only thinks one might feel, perhaps with an unexpected chill, ghosted publics disrupt and trouble the given without necessarily "appearing".

Source: Adventures in Jutland

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I read a lot about it...

2005-01-15 02:25:04 by JohnPaul

I've been to China... just briefly...
But since I'm part of the business structure that offshores jobs there... I'm concerned.
I'm not against doing business with China. I'm against a non-regulated, highly tilted bias in China's favor. IP laws for instance. China signed on to honor copyright of music and software - they don't enforce it. Again, they are very 1950s. So, if we have to buy HERO (the movie) for $19.00 where royalties make it back to Zhigy (actress) and friends but yet, they get to buy Starwars for 15 yuan (that's about $2.00 US) but never pay a cent in royalty. That's unfair.
Where they prop up is that we get goods very cheap from China - one reason that exchange rate is go beneficial is because China cannot float their currency on the international market...

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