Artificial Neural Networks Research

Full-size image (62 K) Computers outperform humans in many tasks. Although humans must write the instructions, once the program is up and running, a computer can perform arithmetic or sort a list in a fraction of the time a person would require to do the same job. The most advanced computers today are trillions of times faster than humans in certain tasks, and IBM's supercomputer Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov, the reigning chess champion, in a 1997 chess match.
But even the fastest computers cannot outperform humans in all tasks. Computers excel at tasks requiring a large number of simple operations, but unlike humans, computers are not yet generally capable of making new discoveries. The human brain is an astonishingly complex organ composed of billions of cells; one type of cell, called a neuron, communicates with other neurons to create vast networks. The complexity, adaptability, and information-processing capacity of these neural networks provide humans with the intelligence to conduct experiments, test scientific theories, formulate general principles, learn new things, and write computer programs. A computer can only carry out its instructions. Computers are able to run complicated programs, but the program must consist of a sequence of simple instructions, and a computer's

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I read a lot about it...

2005-01-15 02:25:04 by JohnPaul

I've been to China... just briefly...
But since I'm part of the business structure that offshores jobs there... I'm concerned.
I'm not against doing business with China. I'm against a non-regulated, highly tilted bias in China's favor. IP laws for instance. China signed on to honor copyright of music and software - they don't enforce it. Again, they are very 1950s. So, if we have to buy HERO (the movie) for $19.00 where royalties make it back to Zhigy (actress) and friends but yet, they get to buy Starwars for 15 yuan (that's about $2.00 US) but never pay a cent in royalty. That's unfair.
Where they prop up is that we get goods very cheap from China - one reason that exchange rate is go beneficial is because China cannot float their currency on the international market...

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