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Investor Watch Regarding Foreign Currency Exchange (Forex/FX) Trading
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Today, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) issued an investor watch to make investors aware of the significant risks involved in foreign currency exchange (Forex/FX) investments. Investors who trade Forex are also warned against dealing with unregistered firms offering Forex trading.

Forex trading can be complex, volatile and extremely risky and should only be entered into if investors are aware of the risks and prepared to lose their investment.  Investors are advised to get expert advice from a registered professional before participating in Forex trading or purchasing a Forex-related investment.

Investors should be aware of the potential for fraud and avoid offers to trade Forex associated with any of these characteristics:

-          a guarantee of little or no risk and high investment returns;

-          dealers or brokers that are not registered with the provincial or territorial securities commissions, and typically are based outside of Canada where it can be difficult or impossible to protect or retrieve funds;

-          an unwillingness to discuss the past performance or track record of the specialist traders who will purportedly handle their money;

-          an unwillingness to identify specialist traders or traders located in offshore jurisdictions who will purportedly handle their money; and/ or

Source: Before You Invest from the Nova Scotia Securities Commission

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Hypocrite of the Year (2)

2007-09-06 07:52:24 by -----

Compromise was not, to put it mildly, uppermost in her thinking in 1993 and 1994. After it was clear that her healthcare package was doomed to defeat, I suggested that she adopt a fallback position and support the bill first introduced by Sen. Bob Dole (R-Kan.). The Dole bill provided for portability of healthcare benefits as workers migrated from job to job. Dole had filed it in the heady days of 1993, when healthcare reform was still popular. Needing a Republican alternative to Hillary’s program, he proposed this important reform.
Knowing that Dole would have to let it pass because it was his bill, I urged Hillary to push the Dol e bill, arguing that she could take the achievement to the nation in 1996 as evidence of progress on healthcare.
She rejected the idea out of...

2.5 years old and still BF

2005-08-22 08:22:27 by diane24

Maybe 3x a day. Neither of us feels like stopping yet, not sure when we will. I work part-time away from home (and the other part at home!) and this ended up being pretty easy to manage.
Unless you have HIV or work mixing radioactuive waste with your bare hands or something, breast milk is always better than formula, but some people have good reasons for not nursing or supplementing. We do need to make things easier and more suppportive for people who want to nurse but feel they can't because of no maternity leave, workplace hostility, etc. BF needs to just be normal, like walking--not an expression of moral superiority.
Most American physicians and nurses also give really bad breastfeeding advice--they just haven't been trained well for this, and use very outdated or...

SB Corp dividends aggregate to P1.37B  — Philippine Star
This includes foreign currency exchange (forex) risk cover fee of P76.1 million, guarantee fees amounting to P18.9 million, withholding taxes on placements at P21.4million and taxes and licenses amounting to P11.7 million. Though at present SB Corp. is …

Members of Bank Fraud Ring Sentenced in $3.7 Million Scam  — Federal Bureau of Investigation

... information presented in the public record: Between 2006-2007, Whitted operated a company known as “Mastermind Events” in Conyers, Georgia, which was supposed to host seminars, including foreign currency exchange (FOREX) trading training events.

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