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MATLAB is high level language for technical calculation and interactive environment for algorithm development, data visualization, data analysis and numerical calculation. By using MATLAB, you can solve computer technicians the problems more quickly than with traditional of programming languages like C, C + + and FORTRAN.

Projects based on MATLAB and MATLAB are one of key areas of work at the technologies of ensemble. In our opinion MATLAB is an outstanding tool for the students used to the works of his projects. With an extensive variety of MATLAB projects end of the year is possible for many services like ECE, EEE, E & I and more. In the years of MATLAB a tool has become the more users friendly and nowadays the use MATLAB is very easy and so it is possible to implement good project to run in MATLAB. MATLAB project are also apply for BE projects, and for myself the projects and the doctorate projects as well.

MATLAB is an extensive program of possibilities for individual end of degree projects in many different domains. Using MATLAB projects are possible at the following main fields.

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Dollar Plunges to Record Low Against Euro

2004-11-05 11:47:01 by ---

NEW YORK -- The dollar dropped to record lows against the euro on Friday, succumbing to negative sentiment and erasing all of the U.S. currency's earlier gains following a robust U.S. October employment report.
Technically driven trading also played a role in the dollar's fall.
The euro surged above $1.2900 and then breached the prior record high around $1.2927 hit in February, reaching new record peaks around $1.2950, according to Reuters data.
The dollar index, a measure of the U.S. dollar's performance against a basket of currencies , fell to a nine-year low. The U.S. currency also fell to six-month lows against the yen and 6-1/2 month lows against the Australian dollar.
Traders were struck by the dollar's inability to sustain a robust rally fueled by the...

I gave up watching tv about 3 - 4 years ago.

2005-04-11 21:02:11 by FellowTraveler

I now use my tv for watching rented movies or programs I taped and collected before.
I do miss the history channel and other educational stations,
but over all I have more time for other activities the likes of this forum etc.
Now back to an issue of money :)
So called "free trade" works for this country under the guide lines of national security,
though the cost of this free trade is becoming very heavily taxed :)
This monopoly of money(currency) we are allowed to use - is controlled as it's tradable value-
One of the hidden taxation is inflation,
a million has the buying power of just a half million within less than a decade.
This fact keeps us on the treadmill of buy and selling (trading-investing),
else our savings soon...

SB Corp dividends aggregate to P1.37B  — Philippine Star
This includes foreign currency exchange (forex) risk cover fee of P76.1 million, guarantee fees amounting to P18.9 million, withholding taxes on placements at P21.4million and taxes and licenses amounting to P11.7 million. Though at present SB Corp. is …

Members of Bank Fraud Ring Sentenced in $3.7 Million Scam  — Federal Bureau of Investigation

... information presented in the public record: Between 2006-2007, Whitted operated a company known as “Mastermind Events” in Conyers, Georgia, which was supposed to host seminars, including foreign currency exchange (FOREX) trading training events.

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