Genetic programming forex

Genetic programming an automated trading agent
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Some years back I did some research into Genetic Programming and using it for automated trading. Needless to say it didn’t get the results I was looking for so I gave up relatively quickly. Since then I’ve looked at many other methods of automated trading and now I’m back to Genetic Programming. I’ve learnt more and think with some better input data and looking for the right problem to solve it will hopefully be more successful.

The idea with Genetic Programming is to evolve a computer program in the same way that evolution happens in the real world. So you start with a randomly generated population of which there will be some that are fitter than others, you keep those (survival of the fittest) and have them interbreed thereby passing on features and mutating as well as generating new ones randomly… do this over many many generations and hopefully you end up with a damn smart program which is an expert at trading.

I’ve set a spare computer to spend it’s hours evolving these trading agents, preliminary results appear to be on the way to successful.

Finding the problem to solve appears to be critical, my attempts at generating price prediction agents thus far have been less than spectacular. Generating buy/sell signals seems to be more successful.

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