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Category: Overview
File Name: character_recog_eng.pdf
Title: Character recognition Systems for the non-expert
Comments: good for gathering basic ocr knowledge
Quick Notes:
Character recognition systems (CRS) are subsets of pattern recognition systems.
[Patterns / Words]
Input may come from – online or offline devices.
--> CRS components
a] Pre-processing functions
.. noise reduction
.. skeletonisation (thinning)
.. normalization
...... moment invariant techniques
...... fourier descriptions
...... boundary-based techniques
...... vector analysis
.. segmentation
b] accepts pre-processed inputs &
.. extracts characteristic features (feature extraction maps the whole of each input pattern from its original Euclidean spatial system of co-ordinates onto a single point in a feature space. Feature space is defined by N extracted features, i.e. has N dimensions)
{loop, end-points, dot, junction, contour}
...... horizontal & vertical histograms
...... curvature info (slopes) & local extrema of curvature (of line making-up/fitting a word)
...... topological features

Source: Bangla OCR :: Literature Study

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