RAM-based neural networks:

Microcontroller Based Neural Network Controlled Low Cost Autonomous Vehicle
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In this paper, design of a low cost autonomous vehicle based on neural network for navigation in unknown environments is presented. The vehicle is equipped with four ultrasonic sensors for hurdle distance measurement, a wheel encoder for measuring distance traveled, a compass for heading information, a GPS receiver for goal position information, a GSM modem for changing destination place on run time and a nonvolatile RAM for storing waypoint data; all interfaced to a low cost PIC  microcontroller. The microcontroller processes the information acquired from the sensors and generates robot motion commands accordingly through neural network. The neural network running inside the microcontroller is a multilayer

feed-forward network with back-propagation training algorithm. The network is trained offline with tangent-sigmoid as activation function for neurons and is implemented in real time with piecewise linear approximation of tangent-sigmoid function. Results have shown that upto twenty neurons can be implemented in hidden layer with this technique. The vehicle is tested with varying destination places in outdoor environments containing stationary as well as moving obstacles and is found to reach the set targets successfully.

Source: ORION

World Scientific Pub Co Inc Ram-Based Neural Networks (Progress in Neural Processing, 9)
Book (World Scientific Pub Co Inc)

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Soy Sauce and msg help

2010-06-23 15:16:47 by undercover_twinkie

A few weeks ago i felt extremely lethargic and NO energy, felt like crap at work. i found out that my soy sauce that i used on a well-done pork chop had tons of msg in it. ahh !!
So i threw that out, went to the market and got some "msg free" soy sauce. The Kikkoman Naturally brewed soy sauce. Iv'e been using this sauce lately and found that (not as bad as before though) i was lacking energy when out and about.
looked up kikkoman on wiki, didn't say anything about msg.
then i looked up some online forums that had my soy sauce question and voila :
"I would recommend that you just treat this product as if it has MSG. The manufacturing of soy sauce by natural fermentation produces free glutamates, which is the same as monosodium glutamate. So, though it has not...

Call for Artists:Queer Photography Competition

2003-07-16 23:41:32 by QueerPhoto

CALLING ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS: Deadline Extended to July 22
Harvey Milk Institute (HMI) is proud to announce the 2003 Queer Photography
Competition & Exhibition. Following the success of the Queer Photo Salon
series, curator/photographer Chloe Atkins and HMI are sponsoring the first
Queer Photography Competition & Exhibition to be held at the prestigious San
Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center, from
September 17 to November 1, 2003.
Competition: Selected work will qualify to win the following awards:
1st prize: $500
2nd prize: $300
3rd prize: $200
Juror: Jim Van Buskirk, Program Manager, James C. Hormel Gay and Lesbian
Center, San Francisco Public Library
Exhibition: The...

Foreclosures in April exceeded even March's blis

2009-05-13 21:35:11 by ------------------------

Foreclosures in April exceeded even March's blistering pace with a record 342,000 homes receiving notices of default, auction notices or undergoing bank repossessions, according to a regular industry report.
One of every 374 U.S. homes received a filing during the month, the highest monthly rate that RealtyTrac, an online marketer of foreclosed properties, has recorded in four-plus years of record keeping.
"April was a shocker," said Rick Sharga, a spokesman for RealtyTrac. "I would have bet on a dip because March foreclosures were so high."
Instead, filings inched up 1% from March and rose 32% compared to April 2008.
There were 63,900 bank repossessions, the last stop in the foreclosure process. More than 1.3 million homes have now been lost to foreclosure...

Advice to job applicants

2005-02-16 09:15:11 by hiring-a-designer

I posted on the jobs board a few days ago for a graphic designer. I'm now sifting through over 150 replies (and more coming in). Frankly, I'm pretty tired of it - but I have some advice to share for anyone out there looking for a job. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but people need to understand the reality of the job market. There are HUNDREDS of applicants to screen, and not enough time to do it.
By the way, some of this probably applies to you "fine artists" submitting to gallleries.
(1) READ THE POST! Do not reply if you don't meet *all* the qualifications. You're wasting your time and mine. Sorry, but there are dozens of applicants who meet the qualifications - those are the people I will consider.

Revenue growth of SOFAZ in 2012 not to result in cost increase  — Trend.az
"An increase of oil prices forecast in the budget for 2012 to $100 automatically increases the revenues of the oil fund, because we're also counting on the basis of this price, whilst our expenditures remain the same," Movsumov said.

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