Technical analysis in forex

technical analysis in forex trading Most traders use the technical analysis to get the big picture of investment price history. The main use of technical analysis is to forecast price trends for future trading. There are many methods for forecasting the trading behavior but technical analysis is very much preferred.Technical analysis use technical indicators which gives the graphical representation of price movements. Many traders rely on price charts, volume charts and mathematical representations of market data. They come to trade with the help of this data. Technical analysis is very disciplined method and it controls the emotions of the traders.Technical analysis is based on three basic principles:
  • market action discounts everything, it means actual price is reflection of anything that is known to the market and that could effect it
  • price moves in trend. It is used to identify the market behavior. It is the graphical representation of the price movements
  • history repeats it self. Patterns in the trading have been recognized and are collected for over 100 years and the manner in which many patterns are repeated is taken as conclusion.
Technical analysis is very important in forex trading. This analysis gives what

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2008-10-16 21:37:03 by 1pushkick

These guys don't know JackS***. Really.
the stock market is an independent creature creation. It is its own entity and is dependent on nothing but the people that control it and it alone. It is not dependent on the companies themselves, the FED, the banks, or anything else.
It is a GAME. It is that simple. It is a game of pattern and momentum. The charts tells you all you need to know.
Lets see what happens. It is and ebb and flow thing. The ebb is ready to flow.

There are many people who need religion as

2006-10-07 11:32:49 by Oakland_43

A crutch. Without superstition and magic beliefs, they can't face their lives and often turn to drugs, alcoholism, crime and/or compulsive sexual activity.
As far back as 2500 years ago, Aristotle taught that our "religion" should be the study of nature and Confucius taught a similar thing.
But the majority of people will only study tea leaves at the bottom of cups, whether those cups be stock market charts which might bring them fortune, or Surviver programs which they think can teach them to live, or the expressions on the faces of their ministers which they think can bring them peace.
Arguing with these people is futile. They have exchanged solemn vows with hypocrisy, lies and stupidity.
That doesn't mean that much profound wisdom can't be found in Bibles,...

The Korean War, which started in 1950. When it b

2006-07-27 11:47:41 by ----

The Korean War, which started in 1950. When it became clear that the West would have to go to the aid of South Korea to defend it from communist troops in the north, share prices fell in the US by 13 per cent, and to a slightly lesser extent in London. There is no example in recent history when the bursting of a stock market bubble has so closely preceded the outbreak of war. And while the statisticians and military planners can spend forever poring over charts and maps, there is another problem being posed by financial analysts: forget about the prospect of war for a moment, and consider the possibility that the excesses of recent years have not fully unwound.
But the question of valuation levels for share prices is one that refuses to go away. As has been pointed out time and...

Best Bet, Proudest Monkey

2009-02-26 22:33:50 by jonahsbelly

The 2009 forecast is ( Dow Jones Forecast 2009 - 20th Jan 2009) - In Summary , I do not know at precisely what price level the Dow will make a low during 2009, my best estimate at this time is 6,600, but I am expecting that it will mark the start of a multi-year bull market that will eventually make 2008-2009's price action appear as a mere minor blip, much as the 1987 crash appears on today's price charts.
ELLIOTT WAVE THEORY - My interpretation of Elliott wave theory implies that stock market has begun its 5th Major Wave lower of which the current impulse wave lower counts as wave 1, time wise this targets a decline for another 5 months which confirms the original forecast for a July 2009 low. However price wise EW targets much lower prices than the original target of 6,600...

Is Major Decline in Gold and Silver Stocks Underway?  — The Market Oracle
Before analyzing the recent developments in the mining stocks, let's see what's happening in the general stock market (charts courtesy by In the long-term S&P 500 Index chart (related ETF: SPY), we see that prices moved lower …

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