Tutorial Training recurrent Neural Networks

Simplifying Neural Network Training using Addiction
To create training set in main Artificial neural networks have shown amazing potential in the past decade. They have the ability to solve complex problems very quickly. Someday in the future complicated recurrent neural networks may someday rival the human brain in pattern recognition and creativity. Training a recurrent neural network that can not only do complicated nonlinear processing can be a task that is extremely difficult and can end up destroying the very robustness that make these networks so valuable. I wish to propose a different way of training recurrent neural networks that uses a technique human brains have always used: addicting a network to an input or inputs in order to allow the network to optimize itself.

Recurrent neural networks can be extremely complex and chaotic. Attempting to fine tune a network that shows promise in solving a problem would probably introduce so many unknown changes that it would not end up being worth it. One solution to this is to use an evolutionary algorithm that finds a network that usually optimizes itself to the specific problem being worked on. Finding a neural network for every situation would be extremely time consuming and impractical. The solution I propose is to use evolutionary algorithms to find a network that optimizes itself according to secondary

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Final debt post

2004-11-19 09:45:11 by Semi

The chart above shows the deficit rose to a whopping US$166.2 billion for the second quarter of 2004. Annualized, that's $664.8 billion, or approaching 6.5% of US gross domestic product. As bad as this seems, it will probably get worse before it gets better. We are locked into a set of "daunting arithmetic", says Richard Berner, an economist with Morgan Stanley. He says, "The daunting arithmetic locks the current-account gap into a vicious circle that is hard to escape." Berner cites several reasons he thinks the deficit will get worse:1) Imports of goods, services and income are 40% bigger than exports. And this ratio is on the rise again.2) Higher US interest rates will increase debt payments to foreign debt holders.3) Iraq war and redevelopment.4) Slowdown in global growth,...

That plan is already in the works

2007-06-11 17:33:56 by welcome2MexiCanAmerica

"Quietly but systematically, the Bush Administration is advancing the plan to build a huge NAFTA Super Highway, four football-fields-wide, through the heart of the U.S. along Interstate 35 from the Mexican border at Laredo, Tex., to the Canadian border north of Duluth, Minn."

"The proposed highway is part of a broader plan advanced by a quasi-government organization called the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America,” or SPP.
The SPP was first launched in 2005 by the heads of state of Canada, Mexico, and the United States at a summit in Waco.
The SPP was not created by a treaty between the nations involved, nor was Congress involved in any way. Instead, the SPP is an...

Well, i am all for free trade

2004-07-07 19:25:03 by what-happened-to-the

The dollar hovered near a three-month low against the euro on Thursday, as investors continued to shun the U.S. currency on a firming view that the Federal Reserve could take its time raising interest rates.
The dollar's decline was an extension of the sell-off sparked by Friday's weaker-than-expected U.S. payrolls data and Tuesday's report showing a slower pace of expansion in the U.S. service sector.
Such data bolstered the case that the Fed may be less aggressive than previously thought in following up its recent raising of interest rates -- the first in four years.
"Just a few weeks ago we were faced with a strong U.S. economy, rising inflation, and the prospect of sharply higher interest rates, but last week's jobs data has thrown that scenario somewhat into...

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Sanral has two sets of bonds trading in the market. The first set called the NRA (National Roads Agency) bonds are dated for 18 and 22 years maturity and are not guaranteed by government. These bonds were trading at a steady 106 basis points above the …

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