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Update- comparing Numenta to mainstream AI
I Xplore - Neural Network Obviously I haven't written on here for more than a year. I am not as enchanted with Numenta's technology as I once was, for a combination of reasons. Mostly, the more I look at what is going on in the AI world as a whole, the less impressive Numenta looks in comparison. I remember when I saw IBM's Watson defeat the world champions in Jeopardy in February 2011. Such a marvel of AI simply isn't very compatible with Jeff Hawkins' contention that mainstream AI is stuck in a rut. You could say the same thing about Siri, Kinect, self-driving cars, and a host of other recent achievements of AI. I get the sense that Hawkins isn't even very familiar with the advances happening around him in the AI world.
Even if you get down in the weeds with the biologically inspired AI research that is going on, there are some very impressive efforts going on. Hawkins often denigrates the overly simplified neural networks of AI researchers compared to Numenta's more biologically realistic neuron models, but those simpler neurons are producing real world results. Further, they are becoming increasingly realistic and capable. Perhaps Hawkins deserves some credit for this with the buzz generated by "On Intelligence, " but the last five or ten years has seen a huge increase in interest

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I didn't ask if the COUNTRY can change US dollar

2012-05-19 10:21:06 by CLisDaBest

To local currency. I asked if STORES AND RESTAURANTS can accept US travellers checks, and if so, how do they do the conversion. If I am giving them a US travellers check that is equal to US$100, how does the store know how much euro to return to me for buying a 10 euro item? Are you tellling me that every store in the world has online access to a universally accepted live time currency converter? I think not.

An unobtrusive device to keep the elderly safe at home  — euronews
Researchers repeatedly throw themselves to the floor to simulate how a human falls. It is part of an international effort to ... “We trained the system on more than 1200 types of falls using artificial neural networks algorithms. The system has learned ...

Simulation reveals evolutionary origins of modularity  — Science a Gogo
The results may help explain the near-universal presence of modularity in biological networks as diverse as neural networks such as animal brains, vascular networks, gene regulatory networks, protein-protein interaction networks, metabolic networks and ...

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