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Research on APTS Network Solution
introduction to Principles

In recent years, the need for transportation is increasing and the problems of traffic block, the high frequency of road accident, the worsen traffic environment have blocked the sustained development of local economy. For alleviating and solving these above-mentioned problems, our government is accelerating the construction of basic facilities and at the same time putting forward Intelligence Transportation System (ITS) as the main direction the transportation management develops in China in future. ITS is effectively applying the advanced information, electronic communication technology to the whole transportation administrative system and by doing so build up a all-direction, broad, timely, accurate and efficient transportation administrative and control system. APTS(Advanced Public Transportation System) is an important part of it.The main purpose of the project is to build up APTS network by virtue of VPN. The main topics of the project include:1.Based on study and analysis concerning VPN development trend and core tech, I have a further study on wireless VPDN usage, such as L2TP、GRE、IPSec VPN、SSL VPN, etc.2.Connecting with the structure of WCDMA/GPRS network, it analyses the characters and business technological process of VPN/VPDN technology in detail.3.According to analyzing on the network structure of the application systems of APTS, the project puts forward network topology and business technological process by designing the network system for the communication network and describes the hardware on net in detail realizing the functions.Till now, this network design proposal has been successfully applied to the construction of many APTS projects of China Unicom.

Source: Telecom Paper

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2012-05-19 10:21:06 by CLisDaBest

To local currency. I asked if STORES AND RESTAURANTS can accept US travellers checks, and if so, how do they do the conversion. If I am giving them a US travellers check that is equal to US$100, how does the store know how much euro to return to me for buying a 10 euro item? Are you tellling me that every store in the world has online access to a universally accepted live time currency converter? I think not.

An unobtrusive device to keep the elderly safe at home  — euronews
Researchers repeatedly throw themselves to the floor to simulate how a human falls. It is part of an international effort to ... “We trained the system on more than 1200 types of falls using artificial neural networks algorithms. The system has learned ...

Simulation reveals evolutionary origins of modularity  — Science a Gogo
The results may help explain the near-universal presence of modularity in biological networks as diverse as neural networks such as animal brains, vascular networks, gene regulatory networks, protein-protein interaction networks, metabolic networks and ...

Springer Spatial Coherence for Visual Motion Analysis: First International Workshop, SCVMA 2004, Prague, Czech Republic, May 15, 2004, Revised Papers (Lecture Notes ... Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Graphics)
eBooks (Springer)

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