Australian exchange rate

Australian exchange rate

Driving to work this morning, I heard on the news about how the Australian dollar has hit another high – it’s now 92.6c!

The last time it got really high, I took the opportunity to buy my 17-55 2.8 lens from the US.  With the Aussie dollar really high again, it’s the best time to buy gear from the US.

So, say I decided to upgrade to a Nikon D90 body only.

Local Australian Brick and Mortar Shops

Buying local does mean you support local business and you get personal customer support, as well as much more convenient after sales support, especially if anything goes wrong.   These are the advertised prices on their website, but I’m sure if you go into the shop itself, you may be able to get a better deal – but probably not as low as overseas shops.

PRA Imaging AUD$1355

Quality Camera AUD$1599

Camera Electronic AUD$1395

eBay shop

For those that read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I’ve purchased quite a lot of gear from DigitalRev.  They are an eBay shop, but they also have a physical shop in Hong Kong.  Returns are a little more complicated, but I’ve had to return my D80 SLR body before and got a replacement one with no problems.  The good thing about an eBay shop is that their feedback is all laid out for everyone to peruse.  Like any eBay purchase, you should buy from reputable shops with high levels of good feedback.    Also, if shipping from overseas, you may need to pay duty (10% GST) on the price if it’s more than AUD$1000 (see u=5549).

Source: One guy, three girls...

Springer Exchange Rates and Prices: The Case of Australian Manufactured Imports (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems)
Book (Springer)

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Was the quote in AMERICAN dollars?

2009-07-25 12:45:01 by zagnutz2u

The Australian dollar is valued differently than the American. You might want to check out the exchange rate.

One more nail in the US dollar coffin.

2012-05-31 05:27:16 by jujyiui

BEIJING - China on Tuesday announced that direct trading of its currency against the Japanese yen will begin later this week, bringing the yuan one step closer to becoming a truly global currency.
Authorized by the country's central bank, the trading marks the first time for China to allow a major currency other than the US dollar to be traded directly against the Chinese currency RMB, or the yuan.
As part of the efforts between China and Japan to strengthen cooperation in developing the financial market, the move serves as an important means of promoting direct yuan-yen trading, the People's Bank of China said in a statement on its website.
Yuan-yen trading will start on China's interbank

... in commodity prices; and in the transfer of investor funds from Australia to the “safe havens” of US Treasury bonds, the Swiss Franc and the Yen. The transfer of funds from Australia results in a lower Australian
exchange rate with the United States.

Inflation expected to fall - RBNZ survey  — TVNZ
They're picking the Australian exchange rate to be 79 cents by the end of March next year. The kiwi recently traded at 76.48 US cents and 77.30 Australian cents. The Reserve Bank surveyed 71 firms out of a sample of 118, and was conducted by Nielsen.

Understanding the Australian economic debate: A lucid and opinionated primer to the key economic issues facing Australia in the 1990's. Including ... inflation, exchange rates, privatisation etc
Book (Australian Investment Library)
Senior Discounts | Australian Exchange Rates
Senior Discounts | Australian Exchange Rates

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