Bayesian networks VS neural

Buy a Helicopter

If your business is going well, and you’re enjoying life generally, a helicopter is the essential accessory.

R44 training in the UK

Make the most of your exciting hobby by flying to meetings and site visits, with scope to go on holidays, trips, expeditions and safaris to exotic locations.

R66 type conversion training in the UK

When to buy

You could buy a machine before you start your training course, and save a load of money on the cost of your PPL(H) course. If you’re training towards a Commercial Helicopter Licence, it’s almost worth buying one just for the money you’ll save on the hours you have to fly to get there. Or you can wait till you have your licence, by which time you’ll be more familiar with the issues in play.

Robinson R22

R22 training helicopter The R22 is a great training aircraft, and the entry level. Buy a secondhand one, with expert advice and a good survey from a maintenance organisation you trust for as little as £50, 000. The R22 is the most popular training helicopter in the civilian world. The Beta II is the latest and most powerful model of the Robinson two seat helicopter. The Robinson Helicopter Company has built over 4000 R22s in the Torrance, CA factory since their certification in 1979. It is agile and responsive, and great fun to fly. You’ll hear some detractors (mainly people who don’t pay for their own flying) saying that it has weird controls and that it’s twitchy, but the reality is, if you are properly trained on an R22 you you’ll find the transition to any other type very straightforward. Most people who train on an R22 move on next to the slightly larger R44.

Source: Helicopter Lessons

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Political attacks on America’s central bank are

2010-11-27 12:43:27 by 58andfixed

Nov 25th 2010

The Federal Reserve’s decision on November 3rd to start a second round of quantitative easing, or QE—printing money to buy government bonds—gave rise at first to loud protest abroad.
A chorus of finance ministers accused America of wilfully pushing the dollar down.
Now the Fed is under attack at home, as Republicans accuse it of fuelling asset bubbles and inflation.
Bernanke in the crosshairs
QE follows the same logic as standard monetary policy.
In normal times central banks loosen monetary conditions by pushing down their policy interest rates.
They do so by creating bank...

Eric deCarbonnel - Market Skeptics

2011-06-22 11:19:53 by 58andfixed

June 22, 2011
“What I have been afraid to blog about: The ESF and Its History”
is an emergency reserve fund of the United States Treasury Department, normally used for foreign exchange intervention.
This arrangement (as opposed to having the central bank intervene directly) allows the US government to influence currency exchange rates without affecting domestic money supply.
As of October 2009, the fund held assets worth $105 billion, including $58.1 billion in Special Drawing Rights (SDR) from the International Monetary Fund.
The U.S. Exchange Stabilization Fund was established at the Treasury Department by a provision in the Gold Reserve Act of January 31, 1934.

China's central bank

2010-05-03 22:44:55 by 56andfixed

hiked banks' reserve minimum
Monday May 3, 2010
"China has ordered banks to raise the amount of money they hold in reserves for a third time this year in a new effort to dampen inflation pressures in the world's third-largest economy."
"The measure, announced Monday, comes as the government tries to cool a credit boom without raising interest rates, which might slow China's economic rebound."
"Economic growth surged to 11.9 percent in the first quarter of the year and the government is trying to cool a surge in housing and other prices fueled by massive bank lending."
"The People's Bank of China told banks to increase reserves by half a percentage point to 17 percent of their deposits for large institutions and 14 percent...

I didn't say gold failed

2009-11-13 06:49:12 by crazee_unchained

I said the gold standard failed. Which it did. At the start of the Great Depression, the US was on the gold standard. It made matters worse.
Here is some history from Mr. Ben Bernanke.
Ben happens to be right on this one
"The fact that, under the gold standard, the value of each currency was fixed in terms of gold implied that the rate of exchange between any two currencies within the gold standard system was likewise fixed.
As with any system of fixed exchange rates, the gold standard was subject to speculative attack if investors doubted the ability of a country to maintain the value of its currency at the legally specified parity.
In September 1931, following a period of financial upheaval in Europe that created concerns about British investments on the...

Hey China playing by rules

2005-06-11 02:26:02 by zap

That I'd mentioned last week discussing forex...missed this one when it came out, but caught it on Noland's weekly labor of love. What an eloquent statement. If taken at face value it'd be a strong indicator in answer to the 'rule playing' question, but one never knows. Nonetheless an accurate assessment, as I see it anyway.
June 8 – MarketNews: “It is ‘quite irrational’ to demand that developing nations shoulder the burden of adjustments needed to correct global economic imbalances, assistant governor of the People’s Bank of China Ma Delun said… Further, it is ‘unconstructive’ for the International Monetary Fund to focus so much on achieving greater currency flexibility in some regions of the world when instability is due more to an oversupply of -- and fluctuations among --...

On the Pulse  — OnMedica
But β-blockers are a big family whose individual members display varying levels of β1 receptor selectivity, intrinsic sympathomimetic activity and α-blockade. Might some be more effective than others? Not according to a Bayesian network analysis in the ...

McGraw-Hill Exchange Rate Determination: Models and Strategies for Exchange Rate Forecasting (McGraw-Hill Library of Investment and Finance)
Book (McGraw-Hill)
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Rapidminer 5.0 Video Tutorial #14 - Web Mining Financial Web Sites - Part 1
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How to Grow a Mind: Statistics, Structure and Abstraction
Visual Image Reconstruction from Human Brain
Visual Image Reconstruction from Human Brain
Hacking the brain by predicting the future and inverting
Hacking the brain by predicting the future and inverting...

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