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The simple way to Read Currency Conversion Chart
When you are first starting to trade forex, the very first thing to understand is the easiest way to read Currency Conversion Chart. You have to learn how to read the charts to understand the present, real-time foreign exchange market. In forex, you are working with currency pairs which means EURUSD is a pair between Euro dollar and U.S. Dollar. With EURUSD, EUR is the base and shows how many terms you should purchase with a single base Currency Conversion

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Here is the info you need...

2007-12-04 16:09:13 by MBA_UIU

If you made foreign transactions with VISA/Mastercard or Diners Club AND/OR Debit/ATM cards, while overseas and incurred foreign currency transaction fees during the dates between February 1, 1996 and November 8, 2006 you may be entitled to a refund of the associated foreign currency transaction fees.
The issue is the currency conversion fee, which in some cases totaled 1-3 % (at least) of the value of the item you purchased. it is unclear if cash advances are involved, but I assume so.
The deadline to file for a refund is January 9, 2008.
If you did not receive a form with your credit card statement, the link to use to file online is:
The number to call is:
If any of you lived or traveled overseas and used your visa/mc this is a very...

Cheapest CellPhone/Device for Internet Access?

2010-03-20 21:36:48 by -

What is the cheapest cell phone that I can use for internet access? I'm going to be traveling overseas and I need a cell phone or similar device which will allow me internet access just for small usage like checking google translate for translations quickly if needed or currency conversion since I'll be in areas where english isn't the 1st language. I'm guessing the iphone would be best for this but, I don't want to spend more than $100-$200 if possible.
That's all I need it for, any recommendations? Does Ipod touch access the internet? I don't necessarily need phone call usage.
If you have a cell phone recommendation, it doesn't matter to me which carrier it's locked to since I'll get it unlocked.

Foreign Transaction Fee-- class action lawsuit

2009-07-20 13:36:07 by bobal1110

For years now my business has sold products to American customers via the internet. Prices on my web site are in dollars and there is no currency conversion, and, subsequently, no currency conversion fee charged to my customers by credit card companies. There have been zero instances of fraud, by or against my business.
Recently American credit card companies have started charging my customers a 3% “foreign transaction fee.” I am losing customers and my business is being damaged by this fee. This fee is not being charged for a specific service, the credit card companies are charging this fee because they can.
If your company is in a similar position and you would like to join me in a class action lawsuit against the American credit card companies, please send me and email...

I got the same

2007-12-04 18:22:56 by Quicksilver99

I did it because I joined a class action lawsuit against Visa for transaction fees for international travel.
I received notice yesterday. Looking at the information you are to provide, it doesnt appear to be a scam. No account numbers and stuff like that. You can also register online for a refund using your Refund ID on the letter.
Its regarding the 'Currency Conversion Fee Antitrust Litigation MDL1409'. It also lists a number of certified statewide classaction suits (like Cavette vs. MasterCard CT-002506-03)

The bank can't deliver US currency to

2004-06-20 01:56:20 by -

An overseas account unless the receiver has a foreign (ie US) currency account set up. So if you say 'wire $$ amount to this account' and you provide an account in the local currency, the funds will be automatically converted. If it is a large amount, you would usually call the bank to get a quote on the conversion rate (otherwise you'll be ripped off--standard practice.)
What is the amount, and why do they say it's short after being converted to local currency?
Try to resolve it by escalating it to bank management first.

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SEK borrows in local Chinese currency (RMB) for second time this year  — Reuters
The issue is another step for SEK in establishing itself on the Chinese market so that it has the capacity to meet the needs of a number of Swedish exporters for long-term financing in local Chinese currency. Previously, Swedish companies operating in …

IMF Shifts Policy on Yuan; Says Only "Moderately Undervalued"  — NASDAQ
The Obama administration, however, hasn't changed its view of the Chinese currency. In May, it labeled the yuan " significantly undervalued," a similar designation to the one it used in December 2011 when it called the currency " substantially …

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