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Kate Clancy tackles Evolutionary Psychology
mother's actions defined

It is a very good and measured response that highlights the flaws in bad evolutionary psychology.

Evolutionary psychology, the study of human psychological adaptations, does not have a popular or scientific reputation for being rigorous, even though there are rigorous, thoughtful scientists in the field. The field is trying to take on an incredibly challenging task: understand what of human behavior is adaptive and why. We can better circumvent the conditions that lead to violence, war, and hatred if we know as much as we can about why we are the way we are. What motivates us, excites us, angers us, and how can evolutionary theory help us understand it all?

Because of this, there are consequences to a bad evolutionary psychology interpretation of the world. The biggest problem, to my mind, is that so often the conclusions of the bad sort of evolutionary psychology match the stereotypes and cultural expectations we already hold about the world: more feminine women are more beautiful, more masculine men more handsome; appearance is important to men while wealth is important to women; women are prone to flighty changes in political and partner preference depending on the phase of their menstrual cycles. Rather than clue people in to problems with research design or interpretation, this alignment with stereotype further confirms the study. Variation gets erased: in bad evolutionary psychology, there are only straight people, and everyone wants the same things in life. Our brains are iPhones, each app designed for its own special adaptive purpose.

Source: Pharyngula

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But mostly traders are speculating against $$s

2007-11-26 13:29:11 by dylanman

Perhaps the $ selloff is overdone now, who knows. I thought this news bit was interesting. Yen carry traders who have been phreaakked by the pittance of a rate increase by the bank of japan, have been switching over. A good short term call it's proven to be, but I'm skeptical and have a bearish view of the yen.
excerpt from article below:
Dollar Displaces Yen, Franc as Favorite for Funding Carry Trade
By Bo Nielsen
Nov. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Using the dollar to pay for purchases of currencies with higher yields is proving to be the most profitable trade in the foreign-exchange market.
A basket of currencies including the British
pound, Brazilian real and Hungarian forint financed with dollars returned 17 percent this year, compared with 9 percent when...

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