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Forex options trading is an

In the last article on “9 Reasons on Why You Must Trade Forex (Part 1 of 2)”
You have understand the:

1. Round the clock trading
2. No need to choose from too many counters
3. Liquidity
4. Good Leverage

Next you will understand more on why you must trade forex.

5. No Brokerage fee or commission

Forex brokers mostly make from the spread between the bid and ask prices. Unlike other stock brokers where on top of the spread between the bid and ask prices, they will charge a commission based on the percentage of total value of contract.

6. Able to short currencies

In forex, there is no restriction on short selling as all currencies are traded in pairs. i.e. you buy or sell one currency against another unlike stocks and shares. Without the restrictions, a trader can react quickly to the changing dynamics of the market unlike in the equities market where short selling is discouraged or made inconvenient to do.

7. Minimum investment

You can start trading in forex from as little as USD200. The amount is dependent on the broker you are opening an account with. This is due to the leverage a trader can obtain from the broker which allows such low minimum deposit.

8. Trade globally

With the overwhelming prevalence of internet and the many easily accessible forex trading platform provided by the forex brokers, we can now trade anytime and anywhere in the world as long as we have access to the internet.

Source: Software FOREX

Wiley Options on Foreign Exchange (Wiley Finance)
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That's an interesting question

2003-05-30 14:32:11 by lasergirl

While there's no simple answer, one way to evaluate your options is to consider the risk correlation between rising interest rates, weakening USD and housing bubble collapse.
Most technicians would agree that if the USD falls below critical support at 90, it will accelerate foreigners' sell-off of US treasuries which will lead to higher interest rates and a possible RE crash. In that case, a further weakened dollar would expose you to the dual risks of: (1) lower selling price; (2) lower forex (Euro) rate.
Even if RE prices were to rise, this would likely be the result of lower interest rates and a further weakening dollar (which would offset your gains).
Conversely, if the USD strengthened, this would reflect improving economic fundamentals, in which money would flow...

Spate of Soft Data Spurs Double Dip Fears

2010-08-17 17:29:55 by fastnfurious

Confirmation of the soft patch came from all quarters. Exports slackened, jobless claims shot up and retail sales growth was lackluster. To make matters worse, networking giant Cisco (CSCO) reported below-consensus revenues for its fiscal fourth quarter and issued below-consensus guidance for the first quarter. The Federal Reserve on its part stirred up anxiety by suggesting that the recovery is proceeding more modestly than it had expected.
The token measure announced by the Fed-its announcement to re-invest the proceeds from mortgage-backed securities and agencies into long-term Treasuries- did little to appease the Street. BMO Capital Markets is of the view that monetary policy is out of options, as none of the probable measures that could be considered, including lowering...

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