Introduction to biological Neural Networks

Once again, proof that cats rule the internet (Neural Networks)

So i came across this on google research's blogs:

Traditionally machine learning requires previously labeled data as a training set in order to then work on new input data. Many researchers these days are exploring methods to work with data that has not been labeled before hand, essentially allowing the system to learn from 'unknown' data and be able to associate items that were previously not known to be connected. Artificial neural networks are a conceptualization/mimicry of a mammalian brain's learning process.

Google's neural network for the research is made from a distributed infrastructure consisting of 100 machines with total of 16000 cpu cores, fed data into the system to produce models with more than 1 billion connections. The input data was derived by showing the system data from 10million stills (200x200px) taken from youtube videos

Google say that that the neural network  learned to respond to pictures of human faces, human bodies and cat faces - cat faces being the thing that journalists are picking out from the research because  lets face it - it's funny - and yep, cats rule the internet - as we kind of showed in some research we did with a Social robot with a persona geared around cat fanciers: Socialbots

Source: @AeroFade's Blog

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Irreverent Observations: William Blum

2002-02-04 10:46:36 by justyouraveragecitizen

Irreverent Observations
Gore Vidal has observed that America is not, contrary to popular
mythology, a country founded by the religiously persecuted. It
was started by Puritan zealots who left England because
they were not allowed to persecute others. The Puritans
(Pilgrims) went to Holland seeking a more compatible atmosphere,
but then migratedto America because in Holland they saw
themselves being absorbed into a society that had, by their
lights, altogether too much freedom of all kinds, including real
religious freedom.
The Marxist analysis has nothing to do with what happened in
Stalin's Russia; it's like blaming Jesus Christ for the
Inquisition in Spain.
'When I give food to the poor, they call me a...

Another non-native Muslim

2001-10-17 13:49:37 by Sense

The Guardian (London)
September 29, 2001
The algebra of infinite justice
By Arundhati Roy
In the aftermath of the unconscionable September 11 suicide attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Centre, an American newscaster said: Good and evil rarely manifest themselves as clearly as they did last Tuesday. People who we don't know massacred people who we do. And they did so with contemptuous glee.' Then he broke down and wept.
Here's the rub: America is at war against people it doesn't know, because they don't appear much on TV. Before it has properly identified or even begun to comprehend the nature of its enemy, the US government has, in a rush of publicity and embarrassing rhetoric, cobbled together an international coalition against terror', mobilised...

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