Neural Networks Course 2011

Mobile Technology Isn’t About Mobile Anymore
A well built neural network

There is a societal phenomenon occurring these days, the outcome of years of technological development and its adoption into mainstream lifestyle. It is changing the world itself, as well as the way we, humans, interact with the world around us. It is changing the way we communicate, the way we share ideas and information. It is shifting the way we consume, how we trade and purchase, how we sell and advertise, how we find and acquire. It is altering the way we learn, how we plan, the way we make friends and find romance. It is changing the work we do and the fields we work in..

This could all be said about many technologies and inventions, but there is a particular shift which is unique to our modern era, which is catalyzing these changes at an unprecedented rate, with an unprecedented reach. The culmination of this trend is the smart phone. It is the smart phone which encapsulated the many responsible concepts and technologies and pushed this phenomenon into the hands of people everywhere,   making us commonly aware of its presence, even taking it for granted. Naturally, then, it is no surprise that this phenomenon is commonly described as “mobile” – “mobile computing”, “mobile technology”, “mobile devices”, “mobile apps”, “mobile phones”, “mobile web”, etc. etc. – stemming from the trends in both telecommunications and consumer electronics to be wireless, cheaper, and smaller. But really, the concept of mobility is only one piece of the puzzle of this new type of computing.

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World Scientific Pub Co Inc Neural Networks: Computers With Intuition
Book (World Scientific Pub Co Inc)

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2012-01-24 22:58:21 by wounsel

So, on my century ride the other day, I ate a bunch of food to keep pedaling. I noticed that one of the guys on the ride who rode last time didn't seem to eat much. -- He's a vegan. When I asked him what he was going to eat for this ride he told me he had eaten cherries for breakfast, and he would eat some peanuts and some dried berries that he had in his jersey. WTF
What I'm wondering is how this guy can pedal a fixie 100 miles on solely nuts + berries + cherries + some water. It took me 2 oatmeal packs, 1 egg, on egg burrito from mcdonalds (a rest stop on the way), 4 clif bars, 2 granola bars, ~12 pieces of pizza @ cici's, salad & pasta @ cici's.... and when I got home, I was starving. -- one online calculator estimated about 3,900 calorie burn on top of whatever my basal...

Accounting Career

2007-09-05 15:50:59 by deefex007

Hey, i'm 25 and i'm giving up on the whole i wanna b a dj thing i was thinking, LOL. I am deciding i wanna grow up and stop partying and have a career. i know it's a bit late but whatever. I am thinking about going back to school and i think i'd like to major in accounting. now i'm not good with math, but i don't mind adding lots of number, using a calculator all day and doing paperwork. so i'm thinking of getting an associates and then seeing if i can get a job as a accounting clerk and then go to school for my bachelors while i continue working. which would be 2 more years for my bachelors right?. now does anyone think that this is a good idea? i know that not everyone who's in accounting do it because they love it. since i'm not that good at math, should i still do it? i know during...

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shawn achor BTR 2- Be Love Now channel
shawn achor BTR 2- Be Love Now channel
Hostos Natural Science course ENV 120-Brain exhibit
Hostos Natural Science course ENV 120-Brain exhibit
Figure 10 (brain): This L-Brain produces a galloping gait, actively steered to the North
Figure 10 (brain): This L-Brain produces a galloping gait, actively steered to the North

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