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Artificial Intelligence and Its Ability to Generate Alpha by Markets Media
based on neural networks

In the Part 2 of Machine Learning in Financial Trading series, Markets Media looks into applying Artificial Intelligence to trading. Lucena co-founder and CTO Tucker Balch is quoted about his views in this topic.

You can read the excerpt for the article below, or visit Markets Media to read the complete article.

The critical test in applying machine-based learning and other forms of artificial intelligence to trading is whether it can generate alpha, or returns that exceed those that could be attributed solely to market forces.

The evidence is yes, but with a caveat. As with any investment strategy, market impact must be taken into account.

“My experience, both at my current company and through my consulting and teaching, we find cases where it produces alpha, ” said Tucker Balch, professor of computer science at Georgia Institute of Technology and founder of Lucena Research, a machine learning-based investment technology company.

“People who are generating alpha aren’t advertising it. It’s often the case that strategies are capacity limited, i.e., if someone else replicated it, that would reduce the capability to make money with that approach.”

Filtering Out the Noise

Source: Lucena Research

World Scientific Pub Co Inc Neural Networks: Computers With Intuition
Book (World Scientific Pub Co Inc)

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