Neural Networks function with the brain

Professor receives grant for Alzheimer’s research

The 10 week SURF program gives students of all disciplines a chance to work beside a university researcher, like Ziburkus, to gain hands-on experience in their fields. | Courtesy of

The 10 week SURF program gives students of all disciplines a chance to work beside a university researcher, like Ziburkus, to gain hands-on experience in their fields. | Courtesy of

Organizing a symphony has a lot more to do with brain function than many believe, and like the musical performance, a loud disruption can cause confusion and disorder.

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease in humans that causes loss of short-term and long-term memory, difficulty performing simple tasks, personality changes and confusion.

Biology and biochemistry assistant professor Jokubas Ziburkus was awarded a $100, 000 grant from the Alzheimer’s Association for the next two years for his study on the neuron-level for Alzheimer’s disease.

“Very little is known about when and where the initial ‘breakdown’ of neural network function occurs, ” Ziburkus said in an email.

“The brain networks are very complex and are uniquely comprised of the variety of neuronal subtypes that fall under the umbrella of the major classification of neurons – inhibitory and excitatory. Neurons communicate with each other via electrochemical means, where a release of a chemical neurotransmitter is initiated by the changes in neuronal electrical potentials.”


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