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After my recent playdate with Ruby, I decide to explore a little bit more. And I’ve been wanting to work on Neural Networks for quite some while, so that’s the pet project of the day. To guide me around, I used an introduction to neural networks

And before you tell me how Ruby is too slow, this is a learning project. I probably won’t build terribly advanced networks. In fact, for starters, it’s going to be a simple Perceptron.

In a nutshell, that thing computes a weighted sum of its inputs and compares it against a threshold. And thanks to Ruby’s simplicity, that’s done in a snap.

  def output
    val = { |total, i|
      total + i[0] * i[1]
    val < @threshold ? false: true;

Now the usual test case is using those as a simple logic gate. Since I feel like it, here’s the code for an AND gate:

perc =
perc.weights = [

Source: Groby's Coding Adventures

Morgan Kaufmann High-Performance Communication Networks, Second Edition (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking)
Book (Morgan Kaufmann)

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