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Workshop on Learning Architectures, Representations, and
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Workshop on Learning Architectures, Representations, and Optimization for Speech and Visual Information Processing

a workshop in conjunction with

The 28th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2011)

Time: 9am-5:30pm, July 2, 2011
Room: Grand-I Architectures
The program is available here:


This workshop is about bringing together and informing researchers and students from diverse communities of machine learning, speech recognition, computer vision, signal processing, cognitive science of human auditory and visual perception, optimization and applied mathematics to further the research in deep learning models for real-world applications in computer vision and speech. The special focus is placed on both commonality and uniqueness of speech and vision problems, and on how unified learning paradigms and representations can be developed to address these problems tackled largely by disparate communities until now.

Through invited talks and panel discussions, we will attempt to address the central topics in learning representations and architectures today, as well as the associated optimization techniques. The workshop will also invite paper submissions on the most recent development of unsupervised learning and hierarchical learning algorithms, theoretical foundations, inference and optimization, semi-supervised and transfer learning, and applications to real-world tasks in speech processing and computer vision. Papers will be presented as oral or poster presentations. Detailed topics of presentations are expected to include (but not limited to) the followings:

Source: Learning Architectures, Representations, and Optimization for Speech and Visual Information Processing

Morgan Kaufmann High-Performance Communication Networks, Second Edition (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking)
Book (Morgan Kaufmann)

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